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  1. He didn't replied you... but I guess he pmed you ingame. ALEX!
  2. I have never been scammed because I am so much better. If you want to kiss someone, would you be the one that is above the lips? Or below?
  3. The dumbest thing I did was that I was always arguing peoplein Warspear Online.
  4. This is Kerrigan. We've neutralised the protoss but there's a wave of Zerg advancing on this position, we need immediate evac! Jim
  5. I thought they removed free offers years ago.
  6. Lol a Russian programmer pms a forum moderator to message him! SCARY! JULIA RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! YOU HAVE A STALKER! Just kidding! Anyway I think its common. Homo sapien Human males are always curiouz.
  7. Lolz did someone deleted my post?
  8. Forsaken should have red or black blood. Also as the owner of the thread, when will the devs add this? It's been a long time already.
  9. Lord Shitzo, what are your orders? I am for standing around looking nice and holding your stuff for you.
  10. Its not you, it is Spanish.
  11. Putang Ina Mo means Your mother is a slut/prostitute. Mega bobo means extremely stupid.
  12. You seem familiar. I have met many players. After many months of not thinking of a name. I usually forgot about them
  13. I have all the powers in all of everything. I am immune to all that can harm me. Even a healing that hurts after doesn't work. I can control all over them simultanously and all at once. As the ruler of everything, good and evil will remain forever, bound by balance of everything.
  14. I thought having a guild was so easy! But it was so ducking expensive later on!
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