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  1. Finally, at least, a response about the maintenance! Or, 1 more thing: about the skills, it would be a good idea to show the difference beteween the levels, like... Earth Protection Lvl 0 Protection of 4% from physical attacks Lvl 1 Protection of 7,5% from physical attacks Oh, and some skills are not so powerfull when maxed. Ball of lightning as i see, have been pumped up, so, its fine to me. but Earth Protect dont give a so good % of protection. Thats a scratch of the idea, but, i hope you all get the point... Anyway... Y U DUNT MADE THE QUESTS IMPROVE SOON!?! Ò.Ó P.S: Islernort to Godgorrat is 1 piece of gold. I LIIKE! Godgorrat to Islernort is 270 pieces of gold. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!
  2. Teloren

    unannounced downtime?

    Agreed. I was thiking: "WHY THEY DONT TELL USS ABOUT IT!?"... Come on UI Grind Staff, i know this is a simple task to do, just post in the forums about it, and say what's going on! Maybe this is the first time, but dont turn it a habit. The Org. need to be with the public, or, will die soon. Kind regards. A customer
  3. We are Hunting some bosses, when in the Sea Monster, i have received this... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Of corse, i put a +4mana regen enchant stone, and maybe, put a rune of resilience on it. it would be sweet. Alas! I need Thank Vox, Zebby, Sakray for helping me doing some quests! you're nice guys! ;)
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