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  1. please ladygi we must see some beastiality now  :blush:




    nice pics girls  :give_rose:  bet lady has the PERFECT ass from horse ridding - zhu nice rack  :good:  immersly?? a female too?? more please  :clapping:

  2. Daaaaaamn why didn't you guys start talking before I said it was me on my noob lvl 1 LOL Could of backfired on you  :lol:


    u said ur name 5 secs too early  ;D 


    one of the funnier ones i rememberd was somthing like

    :hi cann u please answer a quick survey for me please

    him: yea sure

    me: are u A. male

    :B. female

    :C. dont know

    him: i am male

    *info- bla bla has left the party  :rofl:


  3. Adore your website and all sorts of posts. Linked this in order to my FB page! Great motivation with regard to where I'm at together with my enhancing. and one more thing On my small buddy's forums they've added me personally on their own community forum moves, yet my very own always sits at the bottom of the listing and will not listing after i post want it will for other people.  Is mtss is a setting I have to alter or perhaps is mtss is a option that they have created?


    and it has finaly arrived -ADVERTISING-
  4. Lol we are just people behind these characters when you kill the opposite faction dont take it so seriously and turn it into hatred and it hasnt gone to the toilet cuz we still kill each other :P @Haasn knox says you guys have the same personality if that true i know we'll be good friends haha  ;D


    go have interacial baby then  :rofl: 
  5. This one is a quest/location bug

    I dont really remember the name of quest it was something like (garuks fire armor)



    anyway i got dc and died in mobs while i was finishing quest, and when i returned i couldnt reenter the place.

    I tried cancelling quest but the quest giver was inside that place too  :facepalm: .


  6. woop woop already got new client installed, looks like they sacraficed alot of pixels for MUSIC and the extra content

    get ready guys, ill be using nick Necrotic if any1 just so use know - because im gna be the first to finish forsaken content ofc  :blush:

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