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  1. Happens to everyone that plays ducking Pokemon

    Опубликованное фото


    when i didnt have a gameboy, i use to imagine i was playing pokemon *squirtal used tail whip* *squirtals tail whip missed* *ratata used tackle* *ratata's tackle done 300 point's of damage* * squirtal was knocked out*  :rofl:
  2. after 30 mins of writing this post about how unbalanced its going to be vs rich and poor i came to realise - devs dont actualy care (like every other point thats ever been raised) so i had to hold backspace for a looong time. pretty upset about this update and new enchant system

  3. Damn,War...what's wrong?I now discovered what means what u wrote..

    Are my photos vulgar or exesive?If it is,then tell me,i just pick casual photos,even with my mother...u are offending me...Y been so uneducated? :clapping: :facepalm:


    NOOOOOOOO not meant to be offensive,  :give_rose: u are a very atractive girl (your mother too) u have a natural beauty
  4. No need to stalk when you say it  :good: . Lifeless saying i m a no-lifer cause i pass some time here haha. Bye lifeless  :lol: . Go buy a life or create a new one, im out now, when you wanna talk 1x1, we do cause with your boyfriends helping you in 5-6x1 it's easy to have the word  :facepalm:


    not defending sulla just sick of reading shit like this, u just happen to be the one who started it of
  5. I SAID BEEEEARD, MANLEY!  :facepalm: :diablo:

    Well done, lunatic  :blush:

    But da pic kinda looks creepy haha


    do you know what a gamers beard looks like haha not usually very pretty
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