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  1. thank you for supporting our updates, :give_rose:
  2. when i didnt have a gameboy, i use to imagine i was playing pokemon *squirtal used tail whip* *squirtals tail whip missed* *ratata used tackle* *ratata's tackle done 300 point's of damage* * squirtal was knocked out* :rofl:
  3. how to explain in normal words that my friends are LOL
  4. after 30 mins of writing this post about how unbalanced its going to be vs rich and poor i came to realise - devs dont actualy care (like every other point thats ever been raised) so i had to hold backspace for a looong time. pretty upset about this update and new enchant system
  5. and say good bye to me coz im not interested in this money scam
  6. all that money but dirty fingernails :bomb:
  7. lol and the dinner that i will throw at the wall latter
  8. self proclaimed #1 pro.... wastes money on bullshit and makes gf buy his mc - maybe i should start bashing my gf and ill become a GM :wacko:

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    YES im gna say it, NICE tattoo but your TITS are BETTER
  10. disagree please dont make any horible videos like that again, poor use of a necro (maybe u should make your OWN and get experience)
  11. yea pvp mee too - oh in eu we dont use pots 8)
  12. yeeess u wer afk kinda had to eat or somthing, maybe you missed the chat
  13. would of been great if it was update, would of had all weekend
  14. NOOOOOOOO not meant to be offensive, :give_rose: u are a very atractive girl (your mother too) u have a natural beauty
  15. cherry changes theme to PLASHING & FAPPING guys keep it clean
  16. not defending sulla just sick of reading shit like this, u just happen to be the one who started it of
  17. Lukas think about what you say next time aye? you ruined this topic...... most of the time sombody does but geez this was looking to be a popular community topic until.....

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    oh she likes this style beard - ON THA PISS
  19. Metal plashing all over me while Merc gets behind Vanity, meanwhile Rapidkill has WAFFLES :dirol:

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    do you know what a gamers beard looks like haha not usually very pretty
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