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  1. Think outside the box my friend
  2. Check my friends wedding out Bloody, original photo is much better
  3. Its ok we all friends her let it all out :good:
  4. Geuss what I got back ;D
  5. think this will stop spanish from owning you all? i dont think so.....
  6. nah duck you - you was never a girl!
  7. I wonder what The Elder Scrolls: Online will be like ;D
  8. i amped scout kris using arena spheres to +5 with 0 sign
  9. all she needs to do is suck hassn's dick bro :tease: jokeing cherry :P
  10. Welcome to the dark side! friends come and go, just make sure when they go - they dont walk out with your shit! sucks about pooja thought that was a guy! let the trololol begin
  11. rogue gouge needs to be at range - also needs a chop ability (maybe merci strike can cause 2 bleeds at 20-30 dmg after initial skill dmg) rogue stealth needs to be unlimited again :spiteful:
  12. New Zealand was mentioned - epic place with our litter free streets clean fresh air with alot of native trees and fresh water rivers/waterfalls (DRINKABLE), theres 4 ways to reach the ocean north, east, south and west. the only deadly animal is The Human - but u guys go to indo spain or what ever we just have the VIP party in New Zealand :dirol:

    A Fun Fact

    thanks for the tip ;) destroyd my pants searching you name on google!
  14. more of a "whos most popular rogue that will get votes in eu server!!" poll lol pros dont get quaked bro :dirol: my votes are not based around PvP cave 1v1 coz thats shit, nobody even lets us start a battle with stealth so theres a main part of our dps thats not applied (so when u beat me remember i didnt start in stealth ;) ) - lets take it back to the old days of relying and working with others, smart thinking and super quick reactions during wars, raids and boss steals. to play a rogue is one thing - to understand a rogue and how it most efectivly works in pvp situations can be a real challenge, a challenge not yet over come by most rogues high amp or not. - thus being my vote have gone to the veterans using there low ampd gears with there ducking over sized brains and wit like no others - Sulla - Marcin - Mercuriall, good shit boys :good: crossfit and spanish both deserve this vote too (spanish for when he use to use cross) but only 3 votes
  15. this video is about as stupid as my post is in this topic - U DE MAN PUTANG U DE MAN fail
  16. merry ducking new year to you abc ducks :drinks: :drinks:
  17. thanks for support, YES IT IS
  18. from snorlax Re: Cleansign Scroll destroy your Skin?« Reply #2 on: 21-12-2012, 01:57:15 »Cleansing Scroll is for removing skin of your weapon if you would like default look for some reasons. After usage you wouldn't receive your skin as an item. Be careful. what kind of ducking joke this? "Be careful" we all must go searching ducking forum to find this bulshit post from snorlax finaly explaining to us "be careful" yea like duck yous didnt want me to be careful spending the ducking money i did to try get these items only to end up here looking all butthurt about your cheap ass scheming motherducking aigrind ways as u got my ducking money and i dont have ur ducking item no more. DOYOU BELIEVE IN KARMA? oh i suppose your game got this far by ducking people over eh so as use are thinking "who cares" right? i wonder how many people have ever felt as butthurt as i do right now from being ASSduckED by aigrind so many times. duck
  19. did i miss the "you will not get the decorative skin back after use" part? once again aigrind duck us in the arse with lack of information - and we all know i will not get get another astrologers shield in return for this miss guided text. but this is more of a *LEARN HOW NOT TO BE duckED IN ASS WITH DECO SKINS AND CLEANSING SCROLLS* topic my ass is feeling loose from so much AIgrinding going on there had to buy a ducking deco skin to get the screen in pic 3 ASS duckED
  20. WELL wheres spanish tocino lyzzie marzanna airlia warlunatic wins? lucky ur 6-7 lose would of turn to 60-70 lose :P
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