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  1. well im gmt +12 and usualy play from 1am-6am work from 4pm-12:30am so during my work season thats pretty much only time definatly can not play


    about to go on a looonnnngggg paid holiday from work  8)

  2. How about we set up some sort of event? Guild activity, when all the guild members come together and do wars, hunt or maybe just help people who need quests.


    yer shits getting boring! havnt seen all the guild together in one spot yet.

    I didnt say i have best internet in the world  :facepalm:


    I said i have best internet in iraq  :nea: ( understand before say something  :facepalm: )


    can sombody please explain to me why this guys dumb as duck? need more detail then "because hes iraqi"
  4. xD

    no mine lags like crazy too hope will be fixed soon


    yea same here damn

    My internet is fastest one in iraq


    It cuz the stupid game. I cant login now  :facepalm:


    oh so ur one iraqi better then the rest :! plz dont kamekaze me



  5. i posted it nd r0land deleted it,i want to correct it,i posted in tavern too nd r0land deleted it


    is it really necessarie for you to be posting this? OMG HE MAKE MISTAKE NOW NOBODY KNOW WHAT HE SAY OMG. these posts will get deleted too
  6. well if it happens we will have partys and partys full of russians coming to our servers to take our bosses and things, just so you know. (i still dont mind i just want my rogue to go travel)

  7. So im just chatting with my friend about skyrim 101 and i get raped :(




    so i come back kill some random guy i never heard of lvl 13 warlunatic


    and ice tells me he cant help so i just do solo


    after i cloned him


    that crit is 1137! yummy




    and then mr.sange comes and we trade deaths



    fun warspear



    this is where game is most fun


    oh god i know nobodys alts :facepalm:  :rofl:
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