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  1. well im gmt +12 and usualy play from 1am-6am work from 4pm-12:30am so during my work season thats pretty much only time definatly can not play about to go on a looonnnngggg paid holiday from work 8)
  2. yer shits getting boring! havnt seen all the guild together in one spot yet.
  3. Can anybody confirm that warspear is still working for windows mobile? appreciate anyone who has the time to share
  4. Looking forward to it :spiteful:
  5. Lunaticx going to rape shit
  6. ho ho where can i buy one of those dolls
  7. recent events prove the gay kind
  8. do you ever think, it is the wrong type of fame?
  9. dont bring me into you shit
  10. can sombody please explain to me why this guys dumb as duck? need more detail then "because hes iraqi"
  11. yea same here damn oh so ur one iraqi better then the rest :! plz dont kamekaze me
  12. Sniperghost GAY as duck wearing PINK pants babhahahahahah FAG bahahahaha
  13. are u new to forums or somthing? spamming alot
  14. is it really necessarie for you to be posting this? OMG HE MAKE MISTAKE NOW NOBODY KNOW WHAT HE SAY OMG. these posts will get deleted too
  15. i have all low amp too just 1 +10 arena sword
  16. well if it happens we will have partys and partys full of russians coming to our servers to take our bosses and things, just so you know. (i still dont mind i just want my rogue to go travel)
  17. oh god i know nobodys alts :facepalm: :rofl:
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