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  1. Why i cant post mine? It says need for admin aproval why not approving my work? its good
  2. Commander Mar'Khoz (the Insect leader in Ayvondil underground) a long time ago theres a untold story of a swarm of insects living under ayvondil , they are planning to invade the ayvondil with their leader Named Commander Mar'Khoz ( The insect Leader in Ayvondil underground ) , One day they go to Ayvondil to Attack the Elves to rule the whole place , after several days they win the war and The insects rule the whole place with Commander Mar'Khoz , The Commander has grudge on elves because he was bullied by elves and take his revenge , but the elves on irselnort went to ayvondil to Take the place again and the elves won the war but They fail to kill commander Mar'Khoz , Commander Mar'Khoz and His 6 Troops go back to the underground and planning to attack again the ayvondil . The elves must kill commander Mar'Khoz before his troops came back and attack again the Ayvondil . Details: Level: 30 Health Point: 1 500 000 Energy: Unlimited Physical Damage: 400 Magic damage: 300 Physical Defence: 1000 Magic Defence: 1000 Location: Ayvondil ( Nice Place for An insect boss ) Drop: Commander Mar'Khoz's Suit Bars and Def III and Damage III Costume Detail: Just like on picture With Wings But it depends on Gm for the Wings size Behaviour: Fast Moving when use rush skill on enemy , Normal Atk Speed only ( Normal Attack speed of Boss) -- HE IS FLYING Skills: Rush Skill (BD) Poison skill (Rouge) = ( 350 Damage ) = left hand use ( with sword ) Lightning ball (shaman) = right Hand use ( without sword ) 6 MOBS ------------ Name : The Swarm Appearance : Just Like The Boss Without Wings Equipment look : Lords 1h Axe Skill : none I hope You Like it Please Support !
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