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  1. Yes, it's interesting how healing dew works, thanks .
  2. Hello everyone ,I want to understand how much does a level change a skill's dmg in relation of your dmg. I began calculating the relation between a priest's magic dmg and healing touch lvl 5, and then valor aura lvl 4 dmg increase and this gave me an idea, I want to calculate this relation for most levels of each skill in the game, but here rises the problem I don't have the ability to test every skill in the game (including expert) so I'm here to ask your help, I wanted so you guys could send some information regarding your class' skills. To do this little project of mine I would need to know: In general Your class your level your physical and magic damage your penetration stat A)for dmg dealing skills (I.E Thorn of death, powerful shot etc.) 1. the skill level 2. your dmg to the dummy w/ a basic attack 3. and your dmg to the dummy w/ your chosen skill 3.5 if the dmg is dealt by ticks the dmg by ticks and quantity of ticks B)for healing skill ( I.E. healing touch , healing spirit etc.) 1. the skill level 2. the quantity of hp recovered 2.5. If shaman or druid hp recovered per tick and quantity of ticks C) for stats augmenting skills (I.E. Light Aura, dogging etc.) 1. the skill level 2. the stat before using the skill 3. the stat after using the skill All the data I achieve will go to contribute to table that I'm making and might post in the future, thank you for reading , and ask anything you want.
  3. It was painful to have access only to the mediocre part of the upgrade(e.g. ferocity against mob ) and not have access to the best part of the update: new arena interface and NEW arena mode. But now my fellow IOS users we finally access to everything. I guess you don't know about Apple's system, they are very strict with what they put into their store(even if that's not always true) so they have to see if there isn't anything that they don't like; so it isn't AIgrind fault but Apple's slowness.
  4. I think they don't want to announce to everyone because they don't want EVERYONE on test server, plus if someone really is interested on test server they will check daily even if on another language and place...
  5. "from what we know to this moment" Let's begin from how you get them. Rage are weapons can only be obtained trough events like Snowy Bounds; while arena weapon you obtain them from trading arena points in arena dealer. And second the "rage" stat and "ferocity" stat. Rage is a temporary 10% dmg increase against everything (correct me if I wrong) , while ferocity is a continuos buff to damage dealt to players and a debuff to dmg dealt to mobs.
  6. Why can't archer use heavy armor? Is basically the same question given the role of the classes. Blade dancer mc counterpart SHOULD be barbarian while rogue counterpart is archer. But BD are usually compared with rogue because they are both...OP
  7. Devs, are you planning to hallowen?I sincerely don't think it's necessary but it would be cool if it did happen
  8. Congratulations to all legionnaries on EU i hope others take this incentive to battle
  9. if i don't put the gift in my inventory and the time expire will it just disappear or when i use it there will be nothing inside?
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