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  1. I was wondering if their is a payment option that allows me to pay with landland in canada.. something like hipay or alopass?
  2. This is great ,as my birthday is the 11th of next month I will be getting an early birthday gift of 52k mcoins this upcoming Saturday. I'm certainly excited to be able to explore the new areas and finally aim for a +8-9 set Your friend Spelunky
  3. Today I had to do a factory reset on my tablet , now when I try to log into my account (Facebook) it tells me incorrect password. I have always used this method and never once changed it. What's going on!
  4. I used far to many , and only explanation I got was this: (after informing about using 67 sets for 6-8..) "Enchantment is pretty random process and mostly depends from luck. You could spend only 3 signs and up your weapon from +9 to +10 and at the same time spent more and didn't upgrade item to +5 from +4 Chances are set the same for every player on our servers! Please, do not forget to use Signs Of Imperishability when you enchanting your items after +1 level (Chance of enchantment from +0 to +1 is 100%, but then, unfortunately, it decreasing) The only we could do is to wish a good luck! Have fun!" Translation: Can't take as little as 3 and as many as dozens..67 sets!. Definitely good to know
  5. "When you need me call me , no matter where you are .. No matter how far" Reminded me of a song , sorry
  6. So today I needed to do genie for cl quest and the player in title was sitting their farming him and refused to party so I can complete quest. So when it spawned I began killing. Every time it had 5k left he would pull it off me and reset it 4x than told me to go F myself and wouldn't stop doing it. I'm getting really tired of the attitude of a lot of elf players. Your going to sit and farm a boss that others need quest for... Than be a little scrub and reset it on those players constantly because to you .. What its funny. Absolutely sickening. Seriously
  7. I havent played bd but all I hear is good things. I myself on the other hand absolutely love rangers (range) - still noob through , I know in other games to kite is to pwn but not sure how that apply here as the way you move is a little different compared to others. As I play more and pvp more I might have a little more insight but it is nice reading everyone's knowledgable posts as it gives me a better understanding
  8. I'm really new and I'm loving this , to be able to catch up on the history of this game. Thanks!
  9. Maybe someone has a level 6 that gm Roland can use and replicate the steps that were done and if it happens again he can determine if its a bug or error of some sort. New issues can always arise , specially when so many bugs were introduced when the events were put in. Losing a lvl6 arena character is a pain.
  10. I'm very happy with how many people take time off to respond to my topic with such kind words of advice. I unequipped my Bow and went to a area that wasn't busy. I've been told so many different things that could help with amping and I appreciate everyone's advice. Ty ty ty
  11. Thank you , for 6-8 it was a total of 67 sign sets.
  12. This situation sucks. I could only imagine how upset you are at the moment. I hope you get the assistance you are looking for.
  13. Granted their is a lot of good points why to have and not have mods. You would be surprised at how the quality of chat would change just from a mods presence. If the steps I listed above were followed it would make it impossible for mods to abuse power. This is why the screenshots come into play so accusations and false reports can't be filed. I think I might have some of my old reports to show exactly how report is created , it is a fairly long procedure but it really does work. I understand not everyone agrees that mods should be added. I respect everyone's opinions in regards to it. I am just looking at it from the positive point of view and all the benefits it could bring , and security it offers players ingame. Mod responsibilities: - Monitor game chat , warn and report players who consistently break rules (Account trading / selling ect) - Assist with basic questions regarding the game to the best of their ability - Be online and ingame monitoring and assisting for atleast 4 hours a day (Pref of 6 minimum , not consecutive .. It could be a few here and their - time sheet with report) Mods don't assist with: - Giving away items or gold - dont assist with players who are scammed (Use the ticket function - include screenshots - No support for account scammed) -Don't assist with dungeons (Stamina is limited - up to mods) They could hire mods and pay with either a weekly mod pack (like a chest with specific items for mods)or mcoin. It wouldn't cost them a dime and offers them the abilities of many things like better ingame presence and also assist with work load.
  14. OK but 30 sign sets for 6-7 and all failed? Not exadurating , none at all.. When others getting off as low as 2 sign sets...
  15. Amping system is bs, I used 30 sign sets to +6-7 my Bow and all failed. Feels like amp system is messed up.. Enjoy the 50$ for nothing gms
  16. OK so here goes , rant begin! So I understand amp chances very and get lower with the higher the amp but seriously now. I spent 50$ on mcoin and purchased sign sets in attempts to get my Bow from +6 to at least +7. 30 sign sets later and not one amplification. I understand chances are low but seriously.. 50$ for absolutely nothing? That's a HUGE rip off. I tryed many things such as amp I'm lab and less crowded areas , I tryed relogging a few times and all fails. It's an upsetting day when I basically payed 50$ to staff for nothing.. And due to this reason , today's 50$ purchase was the last purchase I'll ever make again. This weekend I spend a total of 300$ on my wife and my character for mcoins and 100$ last week and 200$ the week before. I've invested far to much for far to little. Rant over Your elf ranger friend Spelunky
  17. Dear elf community I am in dire need of help with elf dungeons on map 1 , I haven't made any elf friends yet who could help me with the dungeons. I've been spamming ingame chat and no luck so as a last resort I'm hoping that I can find someone here. I need to do 4 dungeons on map 1. If your able to help with either all or just 1 or a few please pm me ingame " Spelunky" is my ingame name. Thanks in advanced to all those who are able to help me with this wild request.
  18. Having player mods in game to monitor chats , warn and report players who are breaking tos is a great idea. Have the mods screenshot the breach of tos Pm that player with warning and take a screenshot If it continues , take another screenshot Every Friday those mods use spread sheet and make a report , send that report to game staff and game staff place temporary mutes or bans depending on breach. Pay those mods with weekly mcoins (1k a week). It's a great system and would help provide a quality gaming environment. I was a GS for a different game hosted by gamebox and this was what my "job" required. The servers were great and the community thrived
  19. That honesty I don't think sharing with real life friends is prohibited. It's mainly in place to protect your account. Say someone who shares your account scams a player and gets it banned.. They won't remove ban because that's you at fault. It really is just a protection so if you get punished for something , that something will be what you did and not someone else
  20. I personally don't like ganking. As a lowbie leveling I used to get constantly ganked by lvl 24's and 1 shotted so many times it drove me nuts. I never enjoyed it happening to me so I avoid doing to others. I know the game is based on "war" but for me I find I can get enough pk/pvp from wars and arena so I dont have a reason to pick on players and negatively impact their gaming experience
  21. Six shadows doesn't take to long. My wife did it in about a day or two (on MC side). Redbird always seems to have awesome suggestions: Skip six and continue other quests while you look for a party. Some times it could take a while and the last thing you want to do is halt your characters progress.
  22. Their are plenty of things that can be done. I've played a lot of games with a similar concept to warspear that has no faction trading restrictions. This is the only one (which makes sense) , if your going to switch sides ... Why allow you to transfer items or gold? Since if they don't they force you to purchase mcoins (real reason isn't was , its the money$) we all can try and defend the reason as to why no options been added but deep down we all know its the greed. Redbird is right on point , items are a lot cheaper on elf side as you have more players which is more farming and more sales. Restrictions on trades limits the factions , so if your faction was as bad as MC you wouldn't be defending the reason why this functions not in game. My wife spent 2 weeks trying to buy her level 18 staff of doooooom , she was offering as high as 150k just for a plain unenchanted non amped one. She even tryed offering 15 - 20 sign sets for it and still hasn't found it. To find a seller of an item you need on MC you are stuck spamming for days or overpaying. Say all you want about elfs being "superior" but no offence its a load of crap. With elf being the only race with bd and ranger is drew in the numbers being as both classes are nasty (in a good way). If the MC or forsaken had a ranger it could possibly have been the thing that balanced the server. As for cheap mcoin items on MC side.. You really need to investigate before you start throwing out "facts" because you said nothing close to the truth. Examples listed below... Compair plz 1 set of extra pockets 45k-60k 1 set of signs 14k-15k 1 set of seeker pots 80k (because of event dungeons) Costumes and weapon skins 10-20k I've checked the elf side and prices are mirror. You have the same mcoin item prices but a better market... It's nothing about being superior. You'd think elfs would have cheaper mcoin items being that your population is larger so should have more mcoin users. So again say superior because that is a lie. The server was once balanced until some changes to elf classes was made which than had a lot of MC and forsaken move. Their has been no real improvement for MC or forsaken classes but constant changes are being made to elf classes (a little weird) which just keeps strengthening. You got BD who's defence and damage is rediculous (basically a dps tank).. Ranger damage is just broken.. And than you got druids who heals are impossible to beat (get a decent amped set and you'll have a lot of damage for a support class).... What's really happend on MC side.. Warlocks aoe had a damage reduction... Let me see .. Any damage improvements or balance changes? Nope
  23. Hope it all gets sorted out , I don't know you but understand why your leaving as I have recently had similar thoughts on my mcoin purchasing habbits. I've been spending and spending , sitting back and watching my faction slowly die. Spending 2 weeks trying to farm my lv18 weaopon and trying to buy in trade and realizing out trade/market has gone to crap.. That is definitely not what I've been paying to experience.
  24. Terrible reason as to why this function wouldn't be added. MC are the only ones who are hurt by this (As usual) with a dying community the market shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. Equipment for low levels are RARE to find.. Meaning Mc/forsaken gearing becomes harder which in return means more leave as they can't find or farm what they need. At the end of the day all gms decisions are only negatively impacting MC/forsaken as usual
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