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  1. i dont understand wats the point of gift when it disappears in 3 days....u want us to die intentionally and use scroll ? LOL truly this gift will be wasted by many including the signs
  2. would be nice if u add mcoin as reward in future, since the tasks wont be easy and mostly rich ppl will achieve it faster i guess
  3. mage is really great when ur not targeted at first just need to run a bit till skill cooldown ends.
  4. palas purification is the strongest basic skill and its better than bds flashstrike...palas are the balanced but only harad useful rret experts are crap better level basic skills
  5. not worth lvling skill because of its cooldown.i do 96dps Normally on mob tats enugh.lighting skill is 7s and with sphere combo u can do stun for 1s or better forest song which is really great for pvp/hunt.if ur a solo pvp peep go max bees
  6. parry is forgotten after seeing life steal and stun Skills.parry is only for melee hits i dont think its very useful
  7. classes like cleric/warrior,factions like dwarfs/orcs/demons
  8. revive skill in warspear would only cause chaos and less demand for scrolls
  9. ah charge lvl5 only ranged stun but fails most time,shield bash cc stun tats crap with 22s cooldown being a 1h.dont understand why barbs of the crapest stun comparing to rest tanks
  10. solo i dont think dk can kill bd easily but they got strongest def and decent stun.on 3x3 id prefer a dk than barb
  11. i dont see why most complain about bds reading skill description is really different from pvp.btw u cant make 2 expert skills to max lvl and shield dmg absorb is based on ur actual def hamstring is best skill on cc char compared to rest tho. rest expert skills are decent at lvl 1. if u keep losing to bd on areana it maybe becaz of bd high amp or hes better than u
  12. if ur stun fails ur just a meat bag till u get killed
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