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  1. @phat i stay at mc side and will never leave ;) @all can mc clan member FINALLY help me with chainless league? :blush: and slay can i have a signature too? :blush: :give_rose:
  2. dodaj Eregiion lvl 15 Deathknight :blush:
  3. Czemu wybrales Paladina jak chcesz robic questy na stronie elfuw?! :wacko: :facepalm:
  4. ofc im still there :blush: im soon the second guy with a arena spear :pleasantry:
  5. i will level up shield. good for tanking & arena while threads are only helpful for arena
  6. not many fofs on second island now :/ only me,kry,pinoy and..uuum tell me if i forgot anyone :blush:
  7. Eregion


    wait for forsaken :D soon maaaany ppl gonna need bg ;)
  8. Today i found out that you make morreeee damage after using threads! so new skill build: 5 Poison Attack 5 Dark Magic Attack 5 Threads Thats the best!
  9. 5 poison attack 5 dark magic attack (not the real names :D) 5 this shield (dunno name)
  10. uuuum so where do you guys play? chosen? foraken? and which class? i already tested warlock but im not that excited. deathknight seems to be kinda good :good:
  11. Guys could ANYONE PLEASE buy a warlock recruit set for me :give_rose: I surely will pay it at soon as possible( maybe next week) back! :friends:
  12. On forsaken side I will take Necromancy or Warlock ;D I dont know ,first ill try skills. Why you havr problems with ur name? Just name urself gradex and tadaaa :drinks:
  13. @gradex which class Re you going to play :blush:
  14. I read every description of the new classes. So if everyone here is going to play on forsaken side I would take Warlock or Deathknight.
  15. Why not chosen? And which class you ganna play?
  16. Sooooooooo Today is update-day :crazy: Which faction do you play and which classes you think are the best ? :drinks:
  17. Ohoh someone here is VEEERY FUNNY :facepalm:
  18. heey guys ;) I decided to give this game a new chance ;) I'm bored in the last time so what about some hunting in the lab? Still need armor and weapon
  19. Hey Guys ;) I heard that you want play WoM once and wanted ask if anyone tried it out. There is a Version for Android,Mac and iOS out :blush: Its way better than this Game..
  20. I am back in the Forum :) Happy Easter to you all and relax a lil ;)
  21. As many of you hopefully see i quitted and will quit this game.somehow i cant post on FoF clan book page so ill post it here.This game was the best mmorpg i've ever played (v0.7-1.9) but then the updates were crappy and the game became more and more expensive and new and senceless content like the labyrinth came. I knew most of you guys and was proud to play with ppl like you. But i got to say good bye to all here.I guess i will play the game again when it will get cheaper and when the devs will add new lvl's and new island.What will never Happen...Anyways...Cya (maybe) in future updates or in WoM ;)
  22. Eregion

    The FoF Clan Book

    Pls give me his mc char :blush: i will max his rogue ;D
  23. Eregion

    The FoF Clan Book

    Its acc from my friend Justinas :blush: I wuold like to have a second rogue :D can u give me this acc? ;)
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