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  1. Which Rogue can beat it? :blush:
  2. Atm i have noob amps :bad: +5 Acute Falchion and +5 Acute Rondel so i have not very high crits but veeery often Stealth crit 1300+ and usual crit 900+ :blush:
  3. Try to beat it :blush: I have just lvl15 equips :blush:
  4. Eregion


    Piss you off the Emerald server as soon as possible.Mostly Rich kiddies with no real-life and +10 amps are there and those ppl NEVER help ANYONE except for hunting :bad: Until today i can't understand how hassn's or tayuyas,wolfsy's or buud's (and 1million other ppl) real life looks like :wacko:
  5. I mean disturbing between elves and mcs. Okay its the aim that the two factions fight against each other but it sucks when you want to hunt boss or whatever and u get killed :bad:
  6. @slay u have a dk lvl14 on sapphire? :shok: or emerald? :bad: People on Sapphire soo helpful and friendly,not like in emerald disturbing each other 24/7 ;D
  7. Back to game :dirol: until new update you won't find me anywhere on emerald. i am leveling my awesome rogue (ALL old enchants :yahoo:) till lvl18 now btw does anyone has still his vn Server chars? ;D
  8. Sry guys i wont play often from now on ;) i have spent waaay too much time again in my holidays on this game,dont want to get addicted :P Now real-life starts again :blush:
  9. @Gradex created today a priest :dirol: already lvl 7 now ;D
  10. Today was my most luckiest day ever :yahoo: got 4 drops from aa in 1hour & sold all together for 8k! :blush: Now need to do bg, buy bg set and then i will stay on emerald a while ;D
  11. Compared to EU US has awesome community :[ MC and Elves dont fight against each other on bosses like aa but share it. And i must fear with my mc on emerald becausd elves always atk! While on sapphire i was atked only few times when there were cc quests :blush: @Kelso are you on sapphire mc or elf?if mc id like to know u first ;)
  12. @kervince maybe u can help me with a elf party or better with FOF ELF PARTY to FINALLY do Dinalt and Maraksha? :blush: If yes I would LOVE YOU ;D ;D :give_rose:
  13. If ANYONE someday gets clever and changes to us-sapphire,where are more players BUT less noobs :facepalm: , add me: Ilendil :blush: ::) i will still play my dk but until NO ONE WANTS HELP ME :cray: with CAHINLESS i won't play often. I'm really tired of asking,asking,failing,failing,asking,failing and so on :cray: My rogue has bg set and arena set + aa rings and aa cloak so it makes a lot of more fun playing rogue :good:
  14. I felt soooooooo in love with my rogue again :'( :blush: I have fully-equipeed lvl 15 rogue BUT hes on us-saphire server. there are muuuuuch more players than on emerald but i feel so alone :( Anyone interested on playing on us-saphire with me? :blush: Because I change now :blush:
  15. I got Smoking Spear today :yahoo: Then i sold it for 25signs :blush: and now im out of coins and hv no damage spheres :( can the bank give me 10? then i will donate on the 4.September 240coins :blush:
  16. Eregion

    Insulting ingame

    dont care about those small children in arena :bad: everyone who act like that cant be older than 8 years old :crazy: ;D
  17. Im a bit pissed :aggressive: Since 1 week i try to find ppl for chainless league but i always miss partys which do it, elves camp at bosses or simply no one wanta to help me :bad: I know that many members have mc chars. So i wanted to ask if we can organize a chainless league party,where the ppl who need cl like jason too get finally help :blush: ?
  18. yesterday there were 4-5 partys of mcs at shadows >:D i think most new ppl done now :blush:
  19. My monthly 20€ for ws is wasted for tickets and signs now :bad: next month i will donate 5€~500coins ;)
  20. @phat why do u change to elf side? :cray:
  21. For me Time doesnt matter :spiteful: But best would be if we could do it on Sunday afternoon :drinks:
  22. OMG Thank you Slay for this awesome Signature :give_rose: :give_rose: :good: :yahoo:
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