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  1. 2 Possibilities : 1. Shaman vs Shaman with both Astral set so it took looooooong time to kill :shok: 2.Photoshop :lol:
  2. Anyone knows Guild Wars 2? :blush:
  3. now i know your Secret ingredients 8) :dirol:
  4. My best missing rate was 7 times in a row :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: But now having 10% accuracy and not missing much 8) 8) 8)
  5. Im not happy :bad: compared to other meeles like bd dk is weakest :bad: I have at lvl16 5Atk 5DarkMagicAtk and 2 shield 18 mana regen and 3k def :blush: One good thing on dk is that hes a good tank :spiteful:
  6. Slay whats your dk's name :blush: I have 8 chars now,decided to play dk now ;D
  7. I never tried to gank you,always signaled :facepalm: And yeah won 1 time.Other times ducking Gouge failed and/or ur ducking op blessing kicked my ass :bad:
  8. Some PvP Cave wins :blush: +7Amped Lvl18 Ranger? No Problem Lvl 17 Paladin with Lab-Equips? Easyy No-amped noob equipped lvl16 bd? Overpowered ;D
  9. Anyone still playing forsaken except shy and phat? Created warlock,now lvl7 and its a aweeeesome class. Now leveling again to lvl17 like rogue :wacko: ;D
  10. Eregion

    Warlock Guide?

    I already figured out how to get NO damage BUT the problem is the mana :bad: usimg arrow,circle,fear takes 3/4 mana per enemy,than 30sec regen :bad: but i will give warlock a chance,awesome skills + in my opinion best pvp class
  11. Eregion

    Warlock Guide?

    Can anyone tell me How to play and skill warlock? atm it is sooooooo weak class must heal always after green mobs (island one) :bad:
  12. Eregion

    Lonely Server

    Go US :drinks: need more mcs ;D
  13. Biggest Paladin-Noob in the whole game :facepalm: :facepalm: After slaughtering his first lvl15 partner I brought his HP to →200hp :bad: Then he ran away,about 5 mins,and healed himself.I had 3/4 hp only :bad: But then i finally got him and kicked his ass a second time. Reached my highest arena score by far :blush:
  14. Eregion

    Plz Plz help

    U mean faction or class? Faction ofc Mc's :blush: Best People there :drinks: me too :pleasantry:
  15. New arena high score :pleasantry:
  16. HAHHAHAHA killed high-amped lvl18 ranger (Hugonic or something like that) using Stealth,Strike,Gouge,laughing about him,cross map,again Stealth,Strike,Gouge,cross map.With two high stealth-crits and one usual crit he was dead without any chance :rofl: :rofl: Didn't lost ANY HP.He didn't hit me one time :blush: First time I really enjoy playing Warspear since a year :facepalm: .Rogues are soooo awesome :blush:
  17. Why,why,why,why & WHY people go on arena and leave while FIGHTING?! :facepalm: Get this noobs every day in arena :bad: This was one of the "better" results :wacko:
  18. Who has killed this 2 lvl15 bds and one lvl15 pally? :shok: :blush:
  19. Can you add me,Ilendil :spiteful: :aggressive: :spiteful:
  20. Killing Maraksha with 2 Party Rogues only :crazy: + got drop from lake :bad:
  21. Lvl 16 now + new dodge stats :blush:
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