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  1. I'd like too join :drinks: I'm Lvl17 Rogue and 80% of my Time in Warspear I'm slaying Elves ;D
  2. Is this forum a game? No. I don't care what you're doing in-game. It's just annoying to read everywhere how "awesome" you are. Because actually no one cares :fool:
  3. Man your so ducking annoying. Did you got not enough attention from your parents in your childhood or why you must post such bullshit?! Get a real-life and stop spamming the whole forum with your "I'm the best Cocksucker Ranger" stuff. Sorry for swearing.
  4. Anyone have already the new sword/dagger and could show a screenie of it? :unknw:
  5. Hello everyone :drinks: & Happy birthday to Rachel :give_rose: :give_rose: I have started playing O&C yesterday and it's awesoome. :blush: But some people told me that its now free forever , but it says me that my Acc is active to 17.01.12 and I must pay 0.99$-2.99$ to play longer?! Anyone knows if its free now or still Pay-to-Play?
  6. Well, They were NOT newbees ;D And Sulla I wasn't quitting because of Elves or whatever, was quitting because Swamp is SHIT and cuz dont wanna get addicted like you and spend 24/7 in this game :pardon:
  7. im sure I AM quitting :pardon: selling all my unneeded stuff in market atm Better than creating senceless pics 8)
  8. :bad: Is there any sence behind this pics? im sure its photoshop :pardon:
  9. This guy looks EXACTLY like my Rogue.Also the weapons are same :lol: He has a good taste :blush: :blush: :drinks:
  10. today I just tested if it really take so long to reach Kotaravva. Yap and it does :bad:
  11. Played today a while. Ran 1h. Didn't reach Kotavarra. duck IT :bad:
  12. I say Bye to Everyone until update After one week of Swamp I don't think I will play any Minute longer until ANY update. I almost fall asleep by running circles in swamp.It is so boring :bad: I feel no fun anymore, every time I get killed I just could throw my phone away. I see no sence playing Warspear anymore. I have Abyss Spear, Some Lab stuff and I dont want throw my time away for running 6h a day and the realize that I got NO GOOD DROP :bad: Maybe new update will increase good rewards Chance AND I DONT WANNA RUN WHOLE DAY TO GET TO KOTAVARRA! :facepalm:
  13. Lucky daaay :blush: Btw I don't know if I would vote yes for Zethu. Minus - 1. He is attacking randomly mc's :bad: 2. He don't know all members, so that's why 3. He killed me today but Plus + 1.I pmed him and he said sorry and he said he won't atk me again
  14. Yap Merc we killed blue hydra "only" 1kk hp but it disappeared after 200k hp :bad: THERES NO WAY to kill it :bad:
  15. Describe this pictures in 4 words ;D I start : Most Elves Are Assholes Ranger feel so cool Analanak is a bastard 8)
  16. Another Epic days Over. Got Lvl17 Abyss Warlock Staff :yahoo: Slay you really shoud do Hydra Quest. There are 4 Lvl17/18 rewards and just one Crystal/Tablet/Pot reward. From 3 days I got most awesome stuff from hydra quest (Astral lvl18 Medaillon,Abyss Staff,Heaume of Divine Defense) Thats "only" 1-2h a day,if lucky and find always mc there just few minutes ;D ;D Btw. I dont nees this staff Anyone interested? :blush:
  17. Ofc its true. Many People on Elf Side = Means many of them are Winning-Team Joiner who just joun elf side because so many ppl there. And many people means many asshole players
  18. My Lucky drops from 6th October.. Played 8h :bad: maybe ill give this game a chance. This drops changed my opinion ;D
  19. Bye my old elf and mc friend :'( Mam nadzieję, że spotkamy się ponownie w przyszłości Yala/Magmos :give_rose: :drinks:
  20. What's Your problem? You don't get attention in real-life so you must show off here? :facepalm:
  21. Are you proud to amp your shit to whatever and spawntrap at swamp? If you haven't realized yet..it's mostly peaceful in swamp so most people aren't full equipped or don't expect to run into campers like you :bad:
  22. hmm kinda strange good players get 1000x lvl17/18 rewards? duck off why usual players like me don't get anything that is more worth than 1k?! :bad:
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