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  1. ya i want a update too :clapping: new miracle coin stuff or better weapons 8)
  2. I need this quest today :cray:
  3. Ja gram na us saphire ;D ilendil Ale też mam account na eu-emerald 8)
  4. I can help you just pm me : ilendil 8)
  5. I need it too :( my name is eregion 8)
  6. Pls come Today at 5 pm middle,europe,time to kamp riff to kill the shadows of berengars.. Everyone who still needs this quest should come. Mcs and Elves ;) But the mcs have to go to the cave because in kamp riff they would be killed . I really hope that many people will come :D
  7. I need to kill Berengars Guards..so can anyone help me plzz??? I tried so many times but they r too hard for us lvl 15 :( And the most higher level players r the most time busy :(
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