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  1. Untuk amplify diatas +1 dan seterusnya jgn lupa pake sign. Untuk sign bisa beli dr player lain dgn harga 1set sekitar 25k-30k.
  2. Yup, They need to make various arena system also add guild system. That will keep player from leaving this game. And c'mon, its already 3 months and wat we get from upcoming update only trade system and new look of mc shop?
  3. Well said dacia.. Thats what make this game sucks.. The amplification make this game even worse..
  4. let me see, best gear for ranger/rogue at lvl14 : light mantle, safe facewrap, qualitative amulet, safe quilted jacket, wrought belt, safe leather gloves, safe moccasins, qualitative signet-ringx2, acute gladius/acute falchion/acute dirk.
  5. senantiasa berdoa sebelum meng-amplify item anda. tidak perlu dipaksakan. tidak harus dgn amplify yg tinggi tuk nikmati game ini. selamat mencoba. 8)
  6. 10 players can do that quest but i suggest more players. its better. actually the best strategy is to evade or reset other shadows while other party deal with 1 shadows. i once used shaman n done that quest with 3 party and all were still at lvl14-lvl17 and only a few ppl with berengar gear but we managed to kill them.
  7. for devs : --delete/remove this game(its boring) :wacko:
  8. Cara g amp equip, kl sekali gagal, g main quest dl. Abis itu coba amp lg. Gagal ya tinggal lg, main quest lg. Begitu seterusnya. Mungkin untung2an juga. Kapak one-handed g +8 cuma butuh 2set sign. Uda itu abis 2set sign lg wktu coba amp ke +9 n ga naik2 jg. Cape d..
  9. Another stupid topic. Thats all i can say.
  10. Dont worry.. Forsaken will be overpower.. Our deathknight will rule.. With its long spear and can also throw it to ur enemy and kill them in an instant.. (In my dream)
  11. Absolutely not.. Ppl already paid too much for this game.
  12. Are chosen share the same town with FB and forsaken share the same town with MC on irselnort island? Or there will be another new areas and new towns for those two new factions on irselnort?
  13. I thought we have weekly announcement, but until now still no news bout forsaken island or update info. At least tell us what took u guys so long.
  14. Use all bosses dropped lvl13 items from cloak, helmet, amulet, weapon, armor, belt, glove, boot and rings. Enchant them.
  15. u know what.. i dont know why devs lower mob's loot prices. b4 from farm mobs i could save 5k gold minimum a day. now to save 5k from farming mobs would be like hell, its took all day.. :wacko: hope they fix back the prices but i guess it would be just a dream.. they wont listen to us anyway. but ur idea for amp system is good hitmen. i support this idea. :good:
  16. Kl g ga bela sapa2 toh namanya ini game jg uda ancur.. G tau maksud dr om ryuken ini. Ga ada class laen yg bisa dlm beberapa detik jatuhin lawan kecuali si ranger. G jg pernah dlm beberapa detik aja tewas di tangan 1 ranger di arena. Lupa g nama rangernya. Tapi yah kl bole diblg itu jg untung2an pas blessing tuh ranger crit semua n damagenya luar biasa. Sedangkan g ga ada amplify defend g, cuma modal kapak one handed +8. Intinya ini game uda ancur gara2 sistem amplify.
  17. Om slay bantuin mc kek.. Mc indo butuh leader yg bisa mimpin.. Populasi elf uda kelebihan.. Pada beranak cucu trus bangsa elf.. ;D
  18. ampun mbah slay.. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  19. Jah.. Kok lord.. Itu mah si om slay.. Iya nih.. Banyakan org indo di elf. G jg ada char kecil ranger lvl12 di sapphire. Quest terakhir di pulau 1 tinggal unicorn aja kl ga salah. Cuma malas main.. ;D
  20. BG items are personal item. it cant be traded.
  21. yup.. do all chainless quest and then ur reputation somehow will get to 0, after that u can buy those bg item. u just pick the wrong server. if u pick US server i bet u would've done that quest by now. not many ppl but there are a few high level player willing to help ppl with chainless. and ofc u didn't have to die 10times doing kratt avenger quest. :wacko:
  22. I guess i can help u out bro. I may rarely play this game but i can login to the game to help the ppl who need chainless. Just pm me in forum bro. Its just i can only play from 10pm(gmt +7).
  23. do chainless league quest. kill genie, kratt, dinalt, marakhsa, gariel and BG. all are bosses quest. the first quest is kill genie bloody fire. u can have that quest from an npc inside tavern(northest building) at nadir town.
  24. buy this set for better healing 1.79resistance 150health 18energy 1.8accuracy(212health+18 health regeneration) 1.123resistance 150health 18energy 15astral magic (set bonus:212health+18health regeneration) buy this set for greater damage 2.79resistance 1.8critical hit 1.8accuracy 18energy(212health+2.2critical hit) 2.123resistance 2.2critical hit 18energy 15moon magic(set bonus:212health+2.2critical hit) buy those 2 sets. my shaman also has those 2 sets.
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