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  2. e bachurs :D junkis i zaidima ka tu cia db sau galvoj?
  3. agreed for yao, but sorry cross, me not speaks you language :D
  4. ROFLMAO just now noticed cross r troll too? for what?? hes not trolling. wait a moment we need to discuss this now :D im staying here :D
  5. hi Smurf, if its about me, well im trying my best :) maybe i have some psychological issues but im not bad person. lets roll to drama thread :D im so fkin bored!
  6. wanna hear my opinion about you?! :D lol just messin around...
  7. log in on your 'test subject' , every 15 minutes there pops up some butthurt mc with his 1 lvl elf char in first map shouting insults in trade chat. btw on topic, crossfit does too. talking bout me, i know shyleens chars i know mercs chars (not all but most) so your previous post is totally incorrect. im talking with facts - youre talking with words like ''probably''. so if u like, lets say im ''probably'' retard :D
  8. hmm u r right Merc, im acting like a child. u know im a bit ashamed... NOT! i bet this crossguy now understood who likes him :D
  9. you are wrong mister '' i did test '' , cause i had great chat experience with shyleen and she/he still on my ignore list. ofc merc was deleted long time ago, so....pffft.... your theory is wrong once again. why dont you start another ''test'' huh?? we call it ''she has penis or vagina'' :D
  10. btw cross about your '' - '' , epic description, epic english skills again :D
  11. i just want to argue with someone, please someone start a flame thread, i just want to express myself. what kind of forum is this if u cant say what do you think of this person in his face.. merc gtfo go to your shemale friend.
  12. it is, even for this category. oh u mean i can write insults and nonsenses freely here?
  13. i dont wanna be rude but look whos crying now :D you r 18 yo and cant afford pots? hmmmmm....maybe u sholdnt play this game at all? HMMMM?! p.s. pots has theyr own price and devs getting additional money for it. end of discussion.
  14. 3rd option. btw, since im just back, i have alot mcoins but i need arena partner 15 -18 lvl to farm my arena gear. free tickets! i want it till update comes.
  15. hes my friend, do what he says. :0
  16. wanna know what im here doing? aight. IM TROLLING. u calling it crying , im calling it - sarcasm and trolling :D kid, do u think im serious here? im 25 yo and i has more serious things 'to cry for' lol im just making fun how u all get butthurt. kkthnxbye btw cross, did u just used translator in your last post? usually your english sucks :D am i right kid?
  17. report for what? lolumadbro? :D wanna talk bout ur mom?! everyone r welcome to share with his opinion here and my opinion is - your suggestions sucks! dont be so butthurt bro. now ima continue to read your post i wonder what 'reflections' r waiting for me this time :D p.s. can i report my own post? :D
  18. here is alot things what needs to be done, and graphic improvement is the last thing. fix skills fix attributes make balanced game add more stuff (im not talking about guns with diffrent color,im tolking about clan guilds,warehouses etc the features who will change the game). AND THAN,WHEN EVERYTHING WILL WORK PROPERLY ADD A FCKIN REFLECTION ON WATER. IM FEELING LIKE IM PLAYING IN FCKIN BETA PHASE GAME AND SOME IDIOTS WANTS REFLECTION ON WATER OR MUSIC IN PLAYGROND!!! -rage quits-
  19. well obviously your partner got pissed, like me, like others. he raged on you, no big deal. im feeling the same cause im losing 6/10.
  20. hes writing posts with translator? maybe i should too...
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