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  1. Cynosure (cy·no·sure) noun noun: cynosure; plural noun: cynosures a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration. "This guild was the cynosure in the eyes of all" Guild Updates: Pushing towards level 2, currently sitting at 41k+ GP. Any new members that join and stick around to gain 700+ GP I will provide boosts for, including knowledge pots and Unity pots. Lets go! Fresh ACTIVE progression guild, looking for new members
  2. is there a ways to like friend request it so i can link to it from my facebook easer?
  3. woot, this might be good to form partys with or just communicate all together as US Sapphire players.
  4. mygot


    Are there any organizations here on Sapphire? I'm a semi new player, but very interested in a English speaking guild or group of players that use some 3rd part communication to get stuff done. Any info is much appreciated. Saphire - Ranger 7+ - Mygot
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