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  1. Still bug on priest, u kill it (make 0 HP) then it heal full. Fix please Maybe its meant to be that way? I hate elves so I don't know.
  2. Still bug on priest, u kill it (make 0 HP) then it heal full. Fix please
  3. Bd needs to be made back to the beginner character that it really is, not a tank who kills in 1 hit after he's reduced enemy below 50% after counter, what the hell makes you think its fair to wear heavy armour and do damage like that? Developer , seriously think about this. BD is not fair and needs fixing. You should have not made it like this what about all the players who now cant touch bd? We need to just die and shut up ? Come on guys ... I know you're thinking what im writing. Be LOUD or nothing will ever be done
  4. No fix for bd then? Was hoping u guys will come to your senses, and fix this crap. Don't fix the most important problem of course just make the noobs happy and fix trivial matters, ignore bd can kill everything in 2 hits. Very dissapointed in warspear now, we had balance before the last update, but now the game is broken.
  5. Guys where can i post about bds skill counterblow? All my posts about it are never approved so what do i do ? Is it just me who thinks counterblow is too strong? I thought it was supposed to be fixed? Bd only needs to hit u one time to win a PvP because your health decreases over 50% after u hit him. U think its fair for a tank? this is crazy and very unfair to all who PvP.
  6. It really is PvP based, i don't know what game you are playing are you sure its warspear? 0.o
  7. Beginner character bd, now all elf make only +10 bd because they know it is unfair and don't make more, nice one developer, you have successfully turned PvP into a joke with counterstrike killing everyone. All pvps disturbed by bds skill interrupting us during area attacks. Is this what you call balance ? Ridiculous
  8. We don't need any chat moderators that brings its own problems because those moderators are also players who have friends and enemies, there would be corruption accusations, and no players have the right to judge over other players. Before i played warspear I was a head of staff on age of heroes online for some years i gave out moderator jobs and admin jobs to look after the moderators. It was a nightmare, the sole aim of players there is to get a staff position they nag constantly about being given moderator or admin, and abusing powers is common, i would hate to see warspear go the same way, freedom of speech is a right.
  9. Easy solution to trolls and bad manners... Click ignore, i do it every time so it never reaches the point where it gets annoying.
  10. I can not believe my eyes that its deathxkyra complaining about insults when he is the worst one for doing it, he spams in capital letters insults and explicits every time he dies, deathxkyra needs his mouth washing out with soap
  11. Well, I wish I knew earlier to not use the download on google play after I have reinstalled it 3 times first, it works fine now i used the one from warspear website
  12. Well I am bored waiting for the update so I'm gonna call it a day and hit the hay then wake up fresh to kill as many elves as humanly possible, gn all MC's we love you, rot off all elves we hate you with a passion.
  13. Are you crazy ? Lock is one of the easiest for any healer to kill xD why cry about lock ? Ha ha
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