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  1. what about barbarian last wish, even when it activate barbarian die
  2. Ogull

    Elasiribd is the Best ?

    That video is stupid both players are getting healed by healers and not fighting or signaling correctly
  3. Will you will be playing the most broken class in the game, don't worry when people see you they just gonna run and say (ahhhhhhh! balance bd) Other then that you should level [Flash Strike] to 5/5, as a bladedancer more damage more power easy game, you should then level your final skill [Hamstring] to 5/5 it stun the enemy and give them bleed, After that level sap or parry or aggression. Use potions as sparingly as possible, keep them for mini bosses and ask for help with over 10000hp bosses finally if i saw you in irselnort i will murder you oh and have fun
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