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  1. Do not worry, we have two differents account; but how do I fix these disconnection errors ?
  2. Hi all! I'm not new but today I restarted playin' this game to see how it evolved :) But I was asking me if I can play with two accounts with the same IP (my sister and me): after 5-10 minutes we're logged in togeth, the game disconnects us and we're not able to log in... So can we be authorized to do multi-account? Thanks!
  3. If you see in Character->Skills, it is written that is in dev, they are thinking about it, don't worry ! ;)
  4. Now the new version has been released, can I translate priceless the game please =)
  5. Yes, but it wasn't a thread who were speaking of that. I'm waiting for a official reply here ;D
  6. Hi Dev's ! If you want to have a french translation of the game, I'm there ;)
  7. Developpers will earn more if they do premium objects, premium arenas and additionnal objects payable with real money. That's true.
  8. I'm totally ready to do it. PS: My account expired, only 5 days ?? Oo
  9. Work fine on HTC P3600 no lags (depend of bandwith) with mine
  10. If you need a French traduction for your game, just call me too ;) I hope this game will be more known 'cause it's amazing ! Just a little bad that it is not free but I understand you, servers are not free. But there is some ways to do it free and continue to earn money : Special payant objects, add some money to a caracter... Generally, it appearss when the game starts to be popular. We'll see! ;) This game is a new type of game. Hope those have unlimited 3G enjoy it, everywhere, everytime. That's not my case, but i still play it, hoping that i'll have it soon. Good job AI GRIND !!!
  11. Hi all, It would be nice if the team of warspear Online uses allopass for the payment! It integers a lot of country, and it'll be more attractive for the Western Europe teenagers^^ So, I wish it will appear ;)
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