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  1. A New minion that heal mana. GREAT!
  2. Trimar


    1- Upgrade rogue skills (Exp skill of rogue sucks, only blink no.other classes has new skills very better than rogue) 2- New items (add new item to Change name, add new item to unseal armor,weapon, jewells...) 3- Arena damages is breaking the invisibility, fix it please 4- Why priest (an support class) has a OVER POWER skill that gives a lot of damage and drain ALL mana if u move 2 spaces? Priest is a Support class, this make no sense. This is a shit skill, this class just need to use it and run. Stupid skill really. 5- Create more armor sets, the creation of new sets with new bônus can bring more fun to the game. 6- 1x1 Arena 7- More rewards to players, coz farm 1week in tower and dont drop ANYTHING is a shit... 8- Remove drop of Bow, Crossbow, bow skins, crossbow skins for MC'c, coz it is a shit too. I already got 10 bows... super rare. Thanks for read, and I hope u guys like it.
  3. Rogue invisibility is canceled by arena damage (fire dmg, statue dmg) pls fix it
  4. Trimar

    item bug?

    Hi, I drop this neck in kota, and it come to me as personal, and I cant unseal it, and I need to use it on my necro... pls help =\
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