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  1. Oh I do run. And it's perfectly fine, since everyone runs. I'm a coward ) There's never any player I've seen on warspear that has been so brave to go head on 2v1 without running.
  2. I agree. Itachims don't run. But when he plays his range. Nuh. I'm just gonna say. Best runner. Ever.
  3. Such long,many sad. Warspear is Life, life is Warspear, hurry hurry xc
  4. Haha!Love how my comment was a solid "hey :3". And hey back! ))
  5. I destroyed warspear history. Such honor
  6. Cybernem isn't 45, he proved to me that he's indeed 18. And to what you were saying. I am not 14, I'm 16. If you don't know sh*t. Please stop judging him, just because he's more skilled and stronger than you
  7. Instead of whining, why don't you take a different approach to solve the problem. I was minding my business and got called noob on Lol
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