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  1. i toke the wrong picture to upload '-'
  2. Once the whitw wanderer created arinar and the gods Nuadu,Harad and gar'an.but the trhee young gods dont demonstrated any sence of justice,only a big wish of take arinar for him own. The white wanderer,saw the situation and brought to Arinar another god more powerfull than the others,called Kooaru.Kooaru diferent of the others have a great sense of justice and a smashing power that he uses to make trials and bring justice to arinar. the other trhee gods don't like so much the idea of having another powerfull divinity,and,fearing about Kooaru trials about them,they decided to defeat Kooaru before he see them real faces. the trhee gods united,take a charge upon the great Kooaru and with many dificulties,defeated Kooaru and imprisoned him in the deep woods of ayvondil,where he stayed from ages. Now the god has him justice sense awaken by the intrests of the sentinels and the legion and will bring him trial upon the new warriors of arinar. stats: life points:1 000 000 mana points:20 000 magical damage:250 phisical damage:600 points base damage:phisical armor:3200 magical armor:2400 level:26 skills: 1-dark energy blast:trow at the enemy a ball of dark energy that may inflict several magical damage 2-dark flame blast:trow a arrow from the mouth improved of dark flame that may burn the enemy and cause a several phisical damage 3-dark energy field:create a field of dark energy around him that stunn and cause a little phisical damage 4-gods hand:uses him power to adquire energy and heal a amount of him life points special habylity:dark potential-may give a chance of activating dark potential and improve phisical and magical damage of Kooaru drops: 1-damage and defense spheres III 2-amulets lvl 20 with a fixed value of dark potential 3-capes lvl 20 with a fixed value of dark potential 4-rings lvl 20 with a fixed value of dark potential 5-unique boss costume(the game developers may do it better than me ) 6-dark orb-item give by kooaru to the blessed warriors that defeat he(0,03 of chance of drop)and takes them to a specific arsenal for him class whit a lvl 24 set with fixed value of dark potential(complete set including weapon)and one of the god's skills(specific for the class)that the god use when take the humanoid form.(as a gift of kooaru,the itens must be personal) 7-boss skills 1(for users of staff),2(for users of ranged weapons) and 3(for users of melee weapons) appearance: thank you for reading and good luck to me :3
  3. can we use tht photo of the little ariel as an example,for include the warspear logo ?
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