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  1. A scammer who went unnoticed for few years has re emerged. I created this topic to prove few people who have either forgotten or didn't knew that NICEBUDDY aka EXTREMAGE is a SCAMMER. This incident took place in 2015, when I bought EMISPINE Druid from EXTREMAGE (I Know Acc trading/selling/buying is prohibited but back then I never gave a much thought about it). EMISPINE acc was binded to the Gmail but I trusted him and bought the acc. He shared his Gmail pass with me to make me trust him more. A few days later my newly bought staff (lvl 21 +5) was missing from EMISPINE'S bag, as I didn't share the account login with anyone there was only one person who could have taken it. I asked him about this and he started making fake stories saying his Mage(Extremage), Facebook and Gmail got hacked. As I had access to his Gmail I tried searching there if it had any proofs and I found Facebook message where he was sharing his Mage(Extremage) game id with a guy ( Cristian Dragos in ss). Well actually he was trying to fool him in this so later he could blame all the scamming part on Cristian Dragos. I wanted to dig more info about this so I opened his facebook through Gmail. I got some messages there which proved that his Mage (Extremage) getting scammed by heroinexx/wnemboo was a fake story. I tried his FB login in warspear which was binded to an account CARISSEXY (Carissa is a name of a girl which I've seen in his FB messages). I checked that account and found my stolen staff there. Later he changed his Gmail and FB passwords and I had no means to retrieve EMISPINE If it gets scammed, so I deleted it. The story ends there in the end he sold his acc mage(Extremage) to some other guy and changed name to sovamage. Now after 2 years he returns to game with a char by name NICEBUDDY and calls me scammer in world chat. This is proof that NICEBUDDY is a scammer and a lier. Do reply if you guys got confused somewhere.☺
  2. i have uploaded the pic but it says moderator needs to approve first.. i havent used forum before so could you help me with it? ty
  3. nice work bro..try working on the story a bit and repost
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