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  1. We will see...now I get 31tokens when I go from down- 3treasures and I think 4green point...I hope u dont make something different... But anyway tnx for the info and next time put more info in posts :[
  2. Snorlax WTfuk u mean by "fairly calculating" on marathon ride?!? Is that mean that u will descrease tokens from this ride?!????? WTF man :!:!:!:! That's will be fukin unfair for us cuz we bought ur miracle coins for thoose ride tickets to get finally some good costume :!:! Please dont say that u will descrease tokens from dat ride :!:!:!
  3. Betasmile my idea is to make the site on android application or IOS app..and application to be offline cuz if u dont have 3G, u can just play and calculate with that xD if u understand me
  4. Ok now seriously...is that some kind of DDOS attack? Cuz ws servers never was soo unstable :/
  5. duck u roland atleast just say that eu will be stopped in 1 min dude now my dung fails duck u
  6. Why da duck eu emerald is "unavailable" now :! duck that shit man...
  7. Nope he just watch "Two and a half men" and he forget to turn on servers D:
  8. Last time when GM make long maintance they gift glad pots + tics :[
  9. He have biiig bag with seeker and rides tic...but we can only watch them... *-*
  10. Roland change event dungs from "hard" to "heroic" cuz hard dungs are possible for 1stam..heroics are for 2stam im sure u wrong name thoose dungs and np im glaad to help u
  11. Rolaaand NO AQUILIONS AMULETS ??? only rings and when event start?
  12. IZgzl I dont give a duck about ur hates soo stop shitting on my posts gaylord! I just want to show to EU the upcomming event :]
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjMmdXpiUw4 Like and Subscribe
  14. Roland bro I know I look stupid with asking that question...but have any ways to join the testers list for russian christmas test server? :[ or just ignore my questions like always :/
  15. Roland I know u already make an recruitment for russian players to join test server...but what is the system with the xmas event test server? Cuz I really want to show to all europen players what actually is test server :[
  16. Guys Im owner of this video and if u have any questions just reply and ask... the server was cool... they give u 10k mc and every player exept me was from russia And btw Im from bulgaria so I understand russian language xD I will record in xmas test server again soo be sure to subscribe to my channel xd
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