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  1. Even secret link doesn't crit. Your HP will fully restored in secs.
  2. I know that sentence. XD They say its mmorpg. But ferocity lets you to be a pvp player. If I call my friend to kill a bd its called PvPs. XD
  3. Lukazzz

    kronos dg bugged

    Dont forget to add screenshot. So devs could understand the bug.
  4. Although some high amped melee classes could beat blade dancer. But I think BDs have high chance to win easily. Look at this video. This should be nerf, at least counter not crit and reduce counter duration. Lost in few secs is a shame. Lol
  5. Done 100%. I think images tell more than words.
  6. Section for beginners mean?
  7. Lukazzz

    Best armor

    You can add pdef on armor, boot, and glove. Solidity on helm and belt I think BD +8 ↑ with 25% lifesteal could kill Satrap solo. Pdmg 800, penet 15%. If you are PvE player, never use arena weapon or enchance wpn with ferocity.
  8. Lukazzz

    Best armor

    You can find GD helm and armor at NPC CC Trader. For glove and boot you can get inside Champion Colloseum dungeon.
  9. Lukazzz

    Best armor

    http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/49104-equipment-bonus-bonuses-guides/#entry957688 Look at this topic, those are my current gears. But I will change to kronus and gd set. My current gears are too old. I've bought DD set 500k few years ago, so I better keep em.
  10. Lukazzz

    Best armor

    Kronus set isn't best for tank, only hp bonus and hp regen bonus. I suggest you to mix it with Golden Dawn set. So, you will get pdef bonus and hp bonus. GD helm and armor mixed with Kronus glove and boot. Crafting gears lv 22 are expensive, and will be junks after lv update. For ganking or pvp, I think u should find good accessories such as Darkmist set. My dodge is 24% although I'm a dk. Many enemy players got dodge when attack me. But dodge only not enough, try to get parry, block, and dodge with equal %. So, if your enemy attacks you, you have many chances to avoid it. Low % of parry also good to face melee player.
  11. Its just the past, many mcs are greedy and selfish now. I will help elfside for war. I'm sorry mcs.
  12. Keep calm and do violence dance!

  13. This not yet finish, but at least you understand I try to finish it as fast as I can, still busy in real life. Thx for visiting bro
  14. Finally I found person who have same opinion with me. Number 2 is absolutely right. I cant keep players to stay in their old guilds nowadays. They joined max lv guild because of OP guild's skill. I just want they help low lv guild so in our faction has equal lv for each guild. And now max lv guild will be increased till 10, its mean 100 ppl will join there, slave for collecting gp. No hope for 1 2 3 4 5, isn't that true?
  15. Thanks for this. 1st drop in mc side
  16. Every second is precious..

  17. Which def I should increase? Can someone explain to me?
  18. When having 3 guilds more interesting. XD
  19. Did you have noticed this bug? If no, please fix this bug. Its so annoying, when I need to chat fast makes me typo. If yes, why this bug still occur. This bug happen if I open another app while WS app still running. When I open again WS app, this bug appear in chat or input value in NPC Secondhand Dealer, Guild Warehouse, etc. Check this out thanks.
  20. Very nice video.. I cant stop laughing when your barb against bd.. You telling the truth BD is the most OP class.. XD that counter is hurt
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