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  1. Lmao all ppl have their purpose. U can tank becoz u had good healer in ur current guild. Ur stun just for single target and Ive said I tank many mobs at once such Lab solo or spawn solo. Saturation and hurricane doesn't enough for me. I need to avoid if I get low hp when hurricane or my saturation in CD.
  2. U hate me and not give me good drop xD

  3. Not same as the description, reduce 10% hp with 7 secs duration of curse. Its like 0,1% hp reduced and curse dissappear after a skill used.
  4. I've bought for 99k, and now I don't have gold to buy a repair poor me :'D
  5. Refund! Refund! Promising thing become a junk! XD
  6. All relic work for bosses except this one? Very fair.
  7. What about Terrible Relic of Weakness? It says reduce 10% hp but Ive tried on Spawn just reduce 1500. Isn't that just 0.1%? Better change the effect like necro Deathly Eye, only 2 times. Because dev said they will give limit of the skill effect, not reducing the skill effect.
  8. Throw that warlock with 10.98 yards hamstring xD
  9. Started to? Its NP if you want to share your mind here. I like debate with people as mature people. Not talking trash like others debating about who pro and noob. Share your mind here bro.
  10. All build has its poitive and negative. As you, your build is for PvP full stun. As me, my DK for PvE I tank many mobs at once Ikr what should I have. And for example lets do Lab solo and see the function of secret reserve. Saturation and hurricane are good too but reserve to avoid if we get low hp.
  11. One time I fought a bd, before he died my secret reserve active and he still has 1k hp. I saw my hp regen 330, after he died become 660 (after update to new system). And then I try to do it again but the result is different. My hp regen still 330 even he/she died a.k.a normal mode. That's why I said the secret reserve has bug.
  12. When does the secret reserve active? We dont know for sure, but as my survey the more points you distribute the faster that skill active. Unfortunately, this skill active when low hp so if we got around 1.5k dmg before secret reserve active 90% dead. My DK could tank TP hero, but if you want more than me try your DK to tank TP hard. Current secret reserve isn't same as before, in battle mode I can heal 440hp if enemy killed we turn to normal mode and regen increased to 880hp (old system). Now in battle or normal mode have same ammount of heal. Im sure this is a bug.
  13. From Tree of the season dungeon
  14. Mind pala can heal while root the enemy, esp if pala has high mdmg and sun seal. Elie could heal 1800 crit!
  15. Well, your distribution skill very good to tank a party mob in same aggro. Secret reserve heal 7 times with 1 min cooldown. If we hoping for secret reserve, we need to avoid enemy attack. Don't let enemy or mobs reduce our hp too fast. Is that your real dk gears and enchancements?
  16. Just noticed your post now, are you still interested with dk bro? xD
  17. Ah my old post, ty for coming. Btw what are you asking about? If I see your dk gears that would be nice for pve, high block and parry. If you have 4/4 saturation 3/4 hurricane Im sure you can solo Astral Lab.
  18. Yea, I will be the one who could kill spawn in 8 mins. XD Why dev notice this OP relic? I can't farm astral lab bosses now coz max lv 20, but i'm happy if I can farm spawn solo.
  19. This post will be the place for all my videos about Warspear in my youtube channel. So, feel free to discuss anything or suggest me anything about the game here. Hope you enjoy guys, "Just give thumbup if you like, and thumbdown if you dislike. :) Don't forget to subscribe too....
  20. DK era bro. About soloing bosses and dgs that's why dev made max lv drop for each map xD But mage and druid crazy too.. And pala.. And ranger.. Am I mention all sentinel classes? XD
  21. Ambassador open recr for lv 22 or higher. PM me in game for detail.
  22. Just now dc-ed from test server, aren't ya all dc-ed too?
  23. Thx dev for nerf bd counter, now I can kill many bds with my dk. And not lose in 3 secs anymore
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