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  1. The War drew again. :v

  2. Lukazzz

    Astral Ways.

    If you are playing in US-SAPPHIRE I will guide you until B9 from MC side. Or if you want farm Eye (B8/9) you can invite me too. My char isn't pro, but i'm pro enough in Lab. Daily lab at 6.00 a.m +7 GMT . Realm US-SAPPHIRE Im DK lv.22 I hope all new players know about questing lab. So I wanna make the tutorial But I don't know how to give image in a post. If someone know please tell me.
  3. Not bad, we can do pvp anytime. I can't supplying tics now, cause I'm focusing on guild too Maybe I will find when I reach lv 24.
  4. We don't know what's the drop now. No one farming b1-7 and eye. I hope it's drop items lv 22, so lab will crowd with farmers and questors. I've said to you Kitige. Come back to Ambassador, then we lab daily with Motznecro as before. : If you remember that moment.
  5. Hello guys, I want to invite you to be a partner. In Arena or PvP. Here my details: DK lv 22 US-Sapphire (Legion) Phys Atk 500 Phys Def 4500 Magic Def 2500 We must win arena season. High ampli isn't necessary. I need good teamwork, smart act, and solid. Please tell me if you need a partner to, we'll reach the top.
  6. Yea, maybe the Master should gives Lv.22 Items. Then DK or Barb full of PM invited to tanking lab. : Bye rogue, bye Cybernem. Hahaha..
  7. Go Legion!!! We must seize Sentinels flag again. I will def our area, for who want join to def let's make a pt. Don't let elves enter our area guys. Give the warn sign for them. I'm available in US-Sapphire, not sold separately.
  8. New players are coming to play Warspear. But they just doing quest everyday and dungeon sometimes. They don't know what's inside a cave at south T5. When I was lv.16 I came there and saw Triangle Portal with strange sound, many guards stand outside the portal. I think it's a PVP area. I've tried to enter and see around the Labyrinth. Lot of mobs patrol there, four with 6K HP and one mob with 400 HP. When I attack one of them, they attack me too. I killed immediately. Never come back anymore. Not until someone chat in WChat want doing Lab. I go to Lab Portal and two pts ready there. They walk slowly and healers healing the tank. Finally we arrived at first boss, one pt done. One day I reach B3 for first time and got Staff. That's why I'm happy to do lab, but not only about the drop. It also can improving teamwork each players. I can reach Eye when I was lv.18 but not drop Doom anymore. Now is hard to find pt for Lab. I hope I can share my experience in tank-ing Lab. Let's play lab with me pm me if you have free time. Let's earn a lot of CC & GP. Please follow my topics about lab. Click here. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/44204-astral-lab-guides-b1-9/
  9. Lukazzz

    Unbind Item

    My personal items become junks if Im not sell it. My bag has not enough slots for craft items, quest items, consumable items, wpn, costumes, etc. Because of it. And also newbie players must try pro player items those not used anymore. (I need golds)
  10. Lukazzz

    Unbind Item

    Oh sorry. I'm not check it before. But at least I reminding the Master.
  11. Lukazzz

    Unbind Item

    New equipment items every event make us always changing to newest item. Many ppl prefer to use those new items. Of course older items are not useful anymore, and the GM gave "Unbind" option for that. The problem is to unbind we must have mcoin "399 mc" . As we know just 15 percents of us have Paypal or other payment methods. Maybe it's good if change like a Guild's Store slot, from direct mcoin into an item. I mean make Unbind into an item so other ppl who don't have Paypal can buy at dealer. Hope you read this. Lukazzz - Legion
  12. GM give many Armor set from Guild merchant inside Spring Chest. I think the best for DK is Dark Skies set. But many players have DD set with high ampli. I've compared DS and DD sets, there are little differences between them. HP, skills, def increased. Skills and bonusses possition are changed. Yea we can mix DD and DS because the bonusses have different place. The questions are: What will you do with high ampli armor if you use the DS set? Just diassembly it and got junk craft items? Unbind and sell it in Dealer (It will costs more than you sell to another player)? Or just drop it? Please reply with a good answer and good reason. Or you can pm me if my opinion is wrong. Lets enjoy Spring event guys.
  13. Ambassador lv 3 PM me for join. Requirements: Lv 20 or higher Can 300gp/week Active daily NOT SCAMMER Enjoy with us
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