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  1. My DK was born before the current war mechanics, no buff reward at the end of war. We make our war for fun. I lead mc side and Kjilimo on elf side (old us sap players must be remember). That's more fun to lead entire mc coz they are listening to me my command. It's hard to command Legions rn, they started to think they could do any after getting stronger by guild buffs. U can't do force ppl to fill Legion side. I'm retired from the game since guild max lv increased to 7. It's clearly imbalance by guilds buff, I remember when Skynete the first OP mage defeated by me. Now he just one blow me. What u need to do just enjoy the rest of the game.
  2. Pure DK addict, it will help people to understand if you show that Dark Shield buff. But seem you wouldn't show your ign or?
  3. Absolutely not comparing between of them by the skill. No I don't. But that's we called a tank, not so easy to die. And DKs need such this to be a crowd controller. Esp by DKs skill/expert skill, people seem confused how to distribute their skill point after the latest update. The reason already explained on my post. But anyway thankyou for your response, we'll wait then. :Respect:
  4. I'd rather buying equipments with block bonus, enchance my gears with blocks. Then I am standing at crowd and let them attack me, blocks will heal me up. XD Iykwim
  5. Secret Reserves: Modified the skill’s effect. Previously, the skill increased the “Health regeneration” attribute and applied the healing effect every few seconds. Now the skill increases the numerical value of health regeneration and the rate of health regeneration by 75-100-140-180%, depending on the level of skill development. Increased the cooldown of the skill from 90 to 120 seconds.
  6. Hey master, I'm apologize to say but I think the new expert skill (Blood Protection) for Death Knight need an improvement. I'm a DK for almost 8 years, I never feel enough tanky to tank with our skills. Let's say Exhalation of Darkness or Threads of Darkness, what's the function of those skill exactly? People could avoid Exhalation of Darkness because it takes long time to cast, and bosses could resist Exha and Threads of Darkness. Meanwhile, our expert skills are also weak. Death Call need high magic damage to deal some decent damage. Steel Hurricane works if enemies are nearby the DK (1-3 yd) and sometimes with desync of the game, Steel Hurricane doesn't deal damage even if enemy looks like nearby the DK. Sharp Shadow? Secret Reserve nerf? Blow of Silence that people could have from relic? Blood Protection that only 8 secs protection and need mana to use? Saturation which spend HP too much to gain lifesteal (if you could deal damage to your enemy)? Can we compare with Warden which can heal without doing anything, without waste their mana. I'm sure other DKs want too. Thanks for your attention.
  7. Idk why, but accuracy works more at 13%, 15%, 19%, 23%. And crit chance at 12%, 17%, 21%, 25%. Do you think so?
  8. Then make Thread of Darkness CD faster
  9. Hey there, take a look my new video. :D This event is awesome, easy dungeon, nice mini events, so many bars and craft resources.
  10. yes, i tried to enter dungeon lv 20 using lv 14. I can't pass that stage, even only 1k hp left but restored back to 5k hp. I think those friendly monsters should have more dmg.
  11. Why we attack the bladedancer first? Because he doesn't have arena rewards and only 2k HP. The druid has 4k HP and full high amped arena rewards. My DK only hits 150 - 200 dmg to him (druid). Can't win even 2 vs 1.
  12. I'm sorry if these videos are not interesting. I just want to show you that arena mode isn't balanced. We can see the description for example "Lvl 11 - 14", but actualy that for lv 11 - 17 or maybe 18. I've met lv 17 players in arena lv 11 - 14, even if I win but still unfair for me. They have 4k HP and I'm just 3.5k HP (with craft armor and average Health Points of lv 14 players only 2k HP). That was imbalance, what we can do (lv 14 players) to fight lv 16 player which has full arena set armors and accessories? Please watch the videos and you'll understand. I hope, or we hope arena mode will change, same with based description in arena rank for each lvls. Example: - Lvl 5 - 7 arena only for players with lv 5 till 7 - Lvl 8 - 10 arena only for players with lv 8 till 10 - Lvl 11 - 14 arena only for players with lv 11 till 14 Thankyou.
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