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  1. dont worry healermeo, if im on and other crimson monster members, elf hard to get 3 stars... im still warlord dude hahaha... but to win i need high amply player and they all ay sithlord, but they busy with tour like useless player, tour and what?
  2. the worst class is mage and warlock, low def and not have healing skill. > warlock, * grimoire? make enemy def low, and its at short time, make it max if u want farm/pve. if for pvp maybe its not good for you, u just wasting ur time for cast this spell, its useless, wasted 3 sec for this expert skill? not just that, this skill not for lock but for support caster, or warlock become support now?. better deleted this class then, warlock = support? LOL * stone body? vs healer class = STUPID if u use this skill. > mage I DONT KNOW, NEVER PLAY THIS CLASS. the best class
  3. or just make attack from behind increased percentage to get critical hit. lunarhound, be active and guild, and join war soon. stand at t5 forever if u just want arena ahahahaha....
  4. if u know math, 5% magic dmg, its useless bro. skyfire ring 19 magic dmg better.
  5. nice idea, devs must make it, but one thing is increase boss hp.
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