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  1. yep he is right and i agree with him !
  2. what is kw? And the cc is only fir guys who join guild tournaments . . .
  3. Hi guys i want to show you all the stats of my bd and want to ask you is it ok for now. 361dmg with scout gladius +5 and +6 1839 phys deff/22% 1372 magic deff/17.4% 2750 hp health regen 68 dmg per sec 147.4 crit 16.8% accu. 12.4% attack speed 8.6% penetration 3.6% dodge 15.2% resil 7.4% parry 11.7% block 2.2% The game changed a lot the resil, the penetration and many, so want to ask: When i get 19lvl i want to make a set good for pvp and i want to choose betwen to armor sets: 1. Only arena (boots, gloves, armor, helmet, belt) 2. The combine DD or HE gloves and boots, and others - arena i think that the 2nd one is for the beggining of 19 lvl (if i want more deff or health), but the resil today is op and i want it ofcourse if i have the 1st set i will try to amp it but will be hard(with arena,pvp, pve bcos the low deff)... so i want all of ur advices and i will be really gratefull for your help... THANKS ...
  4. Yeah 30lvl... who's writing bs now... BTW, BD is OP when u spend lot of money (real money) to make it like 700-800 dmg with 4k phys deff and 3k magic deff and that's all devs want... Medium powered bd (all in EU-Emerald) are 500 dmg and 3k phys deff and 2k magic deff. Don't need nerf all is ok but i read all thing here in this topic and you all say that it need nurf...
  5. woo guys, thanks for the formula i will use it, helps a lot, thanks !!!!!
  6. really nice guide, but just wat to ask you: what mobs do you farm? bcos i farm the green boars and i get 16 gold(from to items: one is for 5 and another one is 11) and i made 1,4k gold... you can make 8k gold for 2 hours... damn this is nice... so what are the mobs?
  7. Bro U mad?? in the game everything is balanced bd is not op, warlock and shaman kill them easy bcos of stun and run... look at rogue they are OP bcos the invisibility, in EU emerald war elfs flag has 217K hp BCOS OF ROGUE !! and the mc flag was i thing 230 or something like that but the difference was a lot so thing again about bd
  8. Hi bro's, just want to ask you what combination foe bladedancer is good for PvP (i will give examples with arena axe, dagger and sword) thanks for the help (if u help ofc)... (ALL ITEMS ARE ARENA): 1 axe 1 dagger - 331 hit 1.95 sec 2 BLADES 340 dmg 2sec hit 1 axe 1 sword - 357 hit 2.1 sec 2 arena AXE 374 dmg in 2.2 sec. normal axe arena 187 hit time 2,2 normal blade arena 170 hit time 2 normal dagger arena 144 hit time 1,7
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