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  1. More than "we" it's the owner of the topic that shall have a response, and that must not necessarily be public
  2. More than hacked, that's a EULA violation. If you could edit your video and then re-upload then I guess you'll be safe from any violation.
  3. We'll keep our eyes open!
  4. Higgings

    Defense sucks

    The ammount of defence parried is shown on the defensive statistic pannel. It works accordingly to the ammount received - you can't expect that, if you receive 60 dmg from a 190 def, you'll halve the damage received just cause you doubled it. 465 def is still kinda low, at it should parry something like 1.5% of damage, If I am not wrong.
  5. You mean completely different than those we already have? (4 bonuses and eventually 2 more set bonuses?)
  6. It's me who deleted the post - writing using a foul language goes against our rules. You can write a criticism without being rude, always keep this in mind.
  7. @Reivenorik the Snorlar area is not a PvP area: was that meant to be like that?
  8. Looks like Thanos if you ask me. Infinity gauntlet. Hehe xd
  9. Ahmmmm I confess to be a bit confused. Isn't usually the Preview post here BEFORE the restart post? 😥
  10. Please, carry on with the conversation here! ☝🏻
  11. •First, please, calm down •Second, tagging him is already enough, but due to the current time I doubt you'll receive an answer today •Third, Admins are currently busy (and devs as well) with the 5th sector of Ayvondil which will take place very, very soon. Their absence is quite justified although the problem you guys are showing is interesting and totally worth of attention (I'd love if even more of you spoke in a calm way as some up did, since raging will certainly not solve anything), but still it deserves to be looked at by more expert eyes than my own and here I really hope someone with higher powers than my own gives you a way more worthy answer than the one I just gave you; but - as already said - I have to ask you to maintain a peaceful environment while waiting for our Support Team (or another AIGRIND employee) to answer. It is all I am asking from you all.
  12. @Safaa flooding goes against our forum rules. Please, do not create further topics about an already existing problem, especially if the old topic has not been closed.
  13. There's always hope, they say. And I'll make sure they keep that in mind xd
  14. I remind you all not to use this topic as mean to put all of your proves about who breaks rules and who doesn't: this, as well as the forum in general, is not the right place for that.
  15. Every FTP can be a possible coin user in the future: you don't just raise prices exponentially for the sake of incomes Especially if you pretend those old coin users to stick to those new prices
  16. I invite everybody to maintain the forum as an enjoyable place. Any kind of flame will be suppressed at once. Discuss peacefully (hard to do with such topics) and share your opinions respectfully - thanks in advance! this is more a forewarning - don't take it personally any of you guys.
  17. Higgings

    Phishing sites!

    The support team does not work during weekends. This is why this guy was not banned yet.
  18. Every castle potion stacks with normal potions: answering your question, yep you can use all of them 🙂
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