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    Phishing sites!

    Lol, this guy will try now every combination of letters with any kind of symbol on them. πŸ˜‚
  2. The strenght of a warden comes from his expert skills, mainly. Without them, it is a bit like a barbarian, but with more defensive skills.
  3. Hmm let's make it this way: a druid will certainly allow you to farm starting from the beginning of your journey: he is able to solo, with some equipments obviously, bosses of the beginner's islands. A warden can be somehow decent starting from lv20, where you'll be able to unlock x2 expert skills. Damage comparison: Druid > Warden, but in order to make its damage somehow decent enough to solo big bosses (example: 90k bosses or even 80k ones) you'll need to spend some gold for a better staff and life steal runes (at least). All good instead if you just want to solo bosses from Irselnort and Native Islands: a lv13 +4 purple staff and a correct skill build is enough Defence Comparison: Warden >>>>> Druid. Definitely cheaper than a druid but becomes good enough to solo big bosses once it is lv20. Requires a good defence set anyway, but his skills alone can help a lot; I wouldn't use a warden on irselnort to solo its bosses. I can say just this to make you get a character strenght points and weak points; selecting the right character for you is hard for someone who does not know your play style. Last but not least: if you love mc side and you love farming, charmer allows you to do it even from the beginning of the game. Extremely versatile class and can almost be whatever you like: a tank (from lv18), a healer, a damager (Crit set: pretty cheap too), a CC...
  4. I do remember it, and a druid only needs a decent staff to work, but am not sure if it is the best choice when it comes to solo stuff, since it lacks of proper damage skills and Life Steal would be useless (almost) If you want to solo, I'd go for Warden
  5. In this case I hereby advise you to go for a Charmer. At low levels, thanks to his minions and also a bit to his healing abilities, he is most likely able to solo anything he wants. You don't even need a maxed equipment for that and you can even solo some bigger mini-bosses at higher levels. Very versatile class, can basically stay anywhere: even in Party as a support class. On elf side we have the warden, but It is extremely slower than a charmer when it comes to solo things: I personally call it an Armored Dummy. He can tank basically anything and can heal back everytime he blocks an attack. If you are a patient guy, it worths a try.
  6. I fear you'll face a "bad" surprise then. But no worries since you can still sell them for 10k to NPCs
  7. Keep ignoring them buddy. If they try to bypass the ban creating another character and contacting you anyway, then make a screenshot of those new characters he creates and send everything to the support team. They will take an appropriate disciplinary measure and repeated violations may also lead to more severe restrictions. Hopefully to have been useful and I bid you a nice day, buddy!
  8. 1x1 won't be implemented in game, since balancing all of the classes for this sole purpose is very complicated. Every class is designed in order to have strenght and weak points, and the team mate is called to compensate the weak point of his ally and viceversa.
  9. Wise words. But not only cause you risk a scam, but mainly because you might be banned due to the EULA violation If you are trying to report this, judging by the Title and the Tag you inserted, make sure to contact the support team: they are the only ones to have powers in these situations.
  10. You think we will have an "In development" or we shall wait just a week more (more or less) for the "Preview"?
  11. Heheeeey! Thank you! Thank you my friend! *adds a grateful panda* (perhaps the one that throws a rose 😁) I appreciate your comment and thank you. I bid you luck for your work as well!
  12. Higgings

    Account Banned

    Hello there! Please, contact the Support Team for matters like this one, since they are the only ones to be in charge of dealing with these issues. Provide them Email and datas of your account and ask them the reason of blocking. I bid you a nice day and good luck!
  13. Respecting sizes of an artwork is a rule of the contest itself, thus, respecting it will grant you more chances for your work to win a prize. Try as much as possible to respect the given instructions
  14. Interesting idea. My sincere congratulations and I bid you luck for the contest πŸ™‚
  15. Story-"Let me check... hmm... no, not this one... where was it... Abyss Zealot... no... Blood Reaper... hmm no, no... Cat Charmer... no... Dead Huntsman... no... Giant Panda... no... I can't find it anywhere... Pixie...-"Hold on. What's this?""Protector of the sea and the ocean, incorruptible and a master of healing arts. Gifted with incredible speed, he was given the name of Herald due to his incredible magic strenght and his colours, symbolizing purity and hope. He swore to protect all of the marine creatures, but also anyone who's brave enough to face him proving to be worthy, against enemies. Finding him is not too hard, not as hard as making him trust you, but once you'll manage to do it his bond with the future master will be almost unbreakable." -"That's it! Here it is what I was looking for."-"It speaks of a legendary creature"-"Yes"-"So why don't we try to..."-"No... you are yet too young. Once you'll learn about what to conquer and what to spare, then you'll be ready."-"But soon the gates will be opened. If not us, someone else will try, and if they manage to do it our enemies will have the aid of an incredible creature. They will..."-"Let them. We'll see what they are capable of." -Myths and Legendary Creatures of Arinar. Skill Setup1 - Ancient Seal (level 5 - Active - 14EP - 4% Hps - 8s Cooldown)2 - Fury of the Herald (level 4 - Active - 30 EP - 60s Cooldown): The minion strikes with a whirlwind every enemy around him, causing them magic damage (radius of 3x3, the minion is at its centre; Steel Hurricane-alike but larger). The master will recover 60% HPs according to the damage dealt to the enemies (If the minion strikes 3 enemies dealing them 1.5k in total, the owner recovers 900 hps)3 - Poseidon's Reinforcement: (level 4 - Active - 30EP - 45s Cooldown - buff duration: 30s): Instantly cures all of the debuffs of the master and increases his numerical defence and magical defence by 30%. If the master has less than 50% HPs, he'll recover 5% of his maximum HPs every 5 seconds. 4 - Pact of the sea (Passive): the minion and his master are bond with a seal which gives a bonus of 5% CoolDown, 3% Parry and 5% Dodge to the master. Besides, according to the number of members in the master's party and if they are on his same location, this effect will be replaced by one of the following effects. None of these effects are cumulative in case another Herald of the Pure Water has been summoned by one of the other party members. These effects will not be available during an arena battle.β€’1 member - red bond: the strenght (physical and magical damage) of the Herald of the Pure Water and every other minion summoned by party members increases by 10%. The CoolDown of the master increases by 5%, his Parry by 3% and his Dodge by 5%β€’2 members - orange bond: The Herald of the Pure Water's healing abilities are increased by 20%*. The following parameters of the master and every other party member on his same location will be increased: CoolDown +5%, Parry +3%, Dodge +5%(*Poseidon's Reinforcement will recover +6.25% of hps every 5 seconds, instead of 25% every 5 seconds; Fury of the Herald will recover +72% of hps instead of 80%)β€’3 members - yellow bond: The following parameters of the master and every other party member on his same location will be increased: Cooldown +10%, Parry +4%, Dodge +10%β€’4 members - green bond: The following parameters of the master and every other party member on his same location will be increased: Physical ATK +10%, Magical ATK +10%, CoolDown +15%, Parry +5%, Dodge +15% -The Bond colour will be represented by an icon beneath the character's HP and Energy Regen HUDMinion's Statistics. Type: HealerRarity: Unique (Team) - 4h of durationHp: 5000Mp: 200Lv: 30HP regen: 500 (0 on battle)MP regen: 30 (15 on battle every 5 seconds)Attack Type: ranged (attacks from 3 yards max and every 2 seconds)Movement: fast (Normal Characters-alike. Slides on the ground like a serpent, resembling as he's "swimming" with his tail)ATK: 30MATK: 450Critical Hit: 20%Accuracy: 20%Attack Speed: 0%Penetration: 0%Skill Cooldown: 0%Stun: 0%Rage: 0%Ferocity: 0%Attack Strenght: 0%DEF: 3000MDEF: 3000Dodge: 20%Resilience: 0%Parry: 0%Block: 0%Steal Health: 0%Damage Reflection: 0%Solidity: 0%Resistence: 0% My apologies for the artwork, if we can call it artwork: it is my very first time with a Pixel Art program, and since I am not that good at it, I focused a bit more on what it is the story, skills and mechanics of my minion (especially when I have read that creativity was very well accepted xd). All of these datas are free to be changed by our devs, as well as the design of the minion, mechanisms themselves and whatever they rather appropriate to change. Besides, assuming that we will see this minion on the release of T5, I also considered that it was nice to make of this work a veiled suggestion of introducing in the game the Team Minions: Instead of supporting the owner only, I thought it could be nice if our servants had also to take care, in a way or another, of my team mates as well. This will give us an opportunity to seek more willingly for a party in any situatin, From GvG to Castle, as well as PvE scenarios like Raid bosses, not to count that we can add way more combinations of skills and one day we could also find an extremely suitable minion accordingly to the play style of his owner; the only limit we have is our own imagination. I had fun on creating my work (although it took a bit more than I expected, lel) and I bid every contestant a good luck! πŸ™‚ Higgings, EU-Emerald
  16. Dw, I already fixed mine. Don't change anything of your work πŸ™‚
  17. It is the 2nd time I change the name of some of my skills because someone takes them T.T Aside that, very well done man!
  18. Or simply on the suggestion page, as you correctly did already. Don't worry, I'll fix that πŸ˜‰
  19. I really agree on this and hope for it as well
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