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  1. I am sure developpers will make the necessary changes,once they'll analyse the situation which involves the Mage's class. Follow up our news in order to be kept informed and updated about these changes.
  2. Correct! What's not clear, exactly? I might try to help you with that.
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    Dk vs mobs is the best choice, but this class is not cheap at all, unfortunately. Those two above mentioned classes are good especially when it comes on soloing bosses. I believe they can work pretty well vs mobs too - especially Warden.
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    Hello there and Welcome to Arinar! Okay, as first - Legion Side. The most independent class that comes to my mind is the Charmer. It has heal, stuns, versatility, can be a tank, a healer, a support and perfect for solo even at low amps. If I were a solo player, I'd definitely go for it Now, Sentinel Side. You may want to give a try to the Warden. The only problem with this class is that it becomes way more stronger once you reach lv18+ . It is the pure definition of Tank, and has enough skills to keep him alive without the need of healers. It heavily reduces the incoming damage received and can heal himself through the parried damage. These are the classes I feel they could help you: both are pretty cheap to build and might give you a start in order to eventually create a further new class. I hope to have helped you a bit and I bid you a nice day! 🙂
  5. Please, for anything related to trading of in game items, or if you're simply looking for a particular item, you may want to write your request here. A counseil though: you may be more lucky to find someone in game more than on forum. Thank you for your understanding!
  6. We got that the mage might need some adjustments, but creating a whole topic for this purpose... It wasn't really necessary. Every class and its work is constantly monitored by our devs, and they plan their Nerf/Buff process studying these statistics. We are slowly coming back to the same thing we did with BD's counterattack
  7. It shall be the same, since this reasonment suits perfectly on their case as well.
  8. Yea, basically like an Unbind Option but extended to expert skills, relics and so on.
  9. This is not how it works though: in order to report someone for botting you shall also provide some proves which confirm your statement. Secondly, keep in mind please that anything related to players breaking rules must be reported to the support team, and not in forum. They are in charge to deal with these players. Hence, you shall contact the support team, send them some screenshots of this player breaking rules and finally wait for some news from them. This is all I can say to you if you really want that something is done for your case. I bid you a nice day!
  10. An intetesting opinion, and I remember once to have written something like that: adding new passive faction-skills. Not sure this suggestion was taken in consideration by our devs, but changing what are considered as faction-skills is not really appropriate, even if it would be fair. A thing that I would suggest is to make these Class Rework (perhaps with some new skills and adjustment of the old ones) a bit more often than just once a year. I believe we will be able to study new tactics in both PvP and PvE in that case, and most importantly, it would allow us to find a new way to appreciate our characters even more than we do currently. P.S: let's avoid to go Off-Topic now please: I think this is not the right topic for that
  11. An interesting Aut-Aut, I have to say: you either agree or you ain't neutral xd. The difference can be found in your own statement: they can only if maxed out. Mages can with a +9/8 staff with Life Steal and some life steal equipments. That was the whole point of it. In any case, we'll see in some months what devs think about the current strenght of each class and they'll make the appropriate changes.
  12. The forum is not the right place for these kind of reports, I fear. Please, contact our support team and provide them some screens which may prove your statement. I bid you a nice day! 🙂 [email protected]
  13. Reivenorik confirmed that there might be an Expert Skill Slot augmentation in the future. Most probably your request (as well as the one of many others) will be granted 🙂
  14. Not even a month ago you had the In Development topic: from it you can understand that the project is at a good point but not yet completed, and that it might require some more time. You can't really believe to have further news about it in such a little ammount of time
  15. @Reivenorik the section in which you guys wrote the contest topic does not allow users to reply, due to the absence of the Replying Box.
  16. UPD: the problem shall appear no longer - it has been fixed 🙂
  17. Devs are already working on it: in a matter of minutes, we will have a server restart and with it an adjusted list of available events! 🙂
  18. Explained something more to devs in game. Thanks for your help Reivenorik! Let's see if it gets adjusted
  19. In few words, we should have a pannel where there are written all of the possible events existing in Arinar (in our case, Irselnort and Ayvondil) On Irselnort, currently, we should have x4 events belonging respectively to Snorlar, Avenger, Demonologist, Beholder. As you can see on the ss, the pannel doesn't show the events on Irselnort. I am asking then: Is it a bug or we won't have any event (including Snorlar) from now on? This problem has appeared on EU-EMERALD. My mates noticed it at 10:25 AM of today's date. I hope it helps a bit to find out what's going on 😕
  20. They definitely didn't create the arena in order to win miracle coins, but to win arena items that many already have achieved (and I stop here .. I won't write further about it). If you want to be even more motivated, just create new characters with your friends: It seems you guys have already got full award accessories and that you are even more motivated to carry on. Since you seem also to love your bracket, just create new characters of the lv10 and compete with your friends there. 28k coins is an unnecessary prize in arena (especially lower arena where the competition, as you already stated, is low) and it would only consist on everyone sharing accounts to win this prize: many do this thing already with common rewards, imagine what they'd do knowing that the prize is 28k coins.
  21. A little update: The whole list of events on Irselnort disappeared.
  22. Please continue the conversation here: Necroposting goes against our rules, especially if there are still open and available topics on forum. P.S: the relic indeed is supposed to decrease the Maximum hps of the enemy by 20% in total - this is why it doesn't work if hps are beneath the 80%
  23. Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! I wanted to report a little error (I believe) happened to me and some of my mates The screenshot speaks for itself: Beholder and Avenger events are currently missing from my list. Hence I wanted to know if you guys removed the events from the game or if this is simply a minor error occurred. I thank you for your patience and I bid you a nice day!
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