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  1. Well the discussion ended already, so I think it won't be such topic again Our bad
  2. Yea but what about the skill which burns ur mana? Necros haven't such skill. Same for Elusive Threath. If you move ur pvp is finished. Don't see only what your class doesn't have.
  3. Mate, priests are classified as one of the best pvpers. Their skills are op for pvp. And now they can lower def of the opponent. What do you want more?
  4. Its nerfed. Counterattack 4/4 = 30 secs of buff BUT 10% of penality for every lv up So.... 30 seconds - 40% = 18 seconds of buff AND 40% less probability to hit the enemy with the skill self. Correct me if im wrong on calculations pls
  5. It is just me, or the only skill which received an increased dmg ( for dk ) is sharp shadow?
  6. Hello devs. I don't know if that's a bug, and even though we are near to the end of this event, i wanted to ask you: Why aren't chests dropped my mobs ( actually ive forgot the name ) considered as opened chests for the Achievement "Surprise Inside" ? This achievement says "open ANY of 1k chests" but yet the ones i've opened so far weren't considered as "Opened chests". Is this a bug?
  7. Dude, as i said before, game are made up from non mcoins users and mcoin users. That's a fact. Why a lv 26 "noob" +4 ( couse i don't like calling ppl noob for their amp... a player +4 can kill a +10 if the +10 knows nothing about his char. And that's still an opinion ^^ ) must not get my same benefits in a dungeon becouse he's simply lower in amp than me?. No one was born with a +10 equip dude. :/
  8. Forgive My stubborness, but I still think that this is almost unthinkable.If game were like that, it wouldn't be so popular as it is right now. Games are made up by ppl who don't spend and ppl who want the max things achievable from them. Both behaviours are Right and Fair. Let's say that in 1m of players here, only 1/10 of them spend real money. The other 900k players still play it and donate a " free "contribute to make the game itself interesting and popular. If a non mcoin user player CAN'T do such dungeons couse of his low amp, or worst, Is not fair that he gets MY SAME ITEM with 2 different types of effort, there wouldn't be a point to make a good event like that. Put everything in the Miracle shop, so everyone ( who spends ) can buy it without efforts and non mcoin users can't. 100k of players are good with it, but what about the other 900k? Is a big number tho.... it can't be ignored so easily, right? Don't worry, i know its your point. And i am not quarrelling with you. I just write what I think it's fair
  9. So you are basically saying that non pay to win players deserve less probability to drop very useful things couse they might do smth with the items such as selling them lower than their effective price to other players? So according to you, People who spend real money have less advantages than someone that pays 0 and might get your same items? I read that more as Jealousy than Unfairness, mate. These are just thoughts ^^ Peace&Love
  10. Oh lol. The food disappearence was a bug? I thought it was the mechanics of the game xD
  11. Here i have to agree. Shield is basically a piece of the weaponry. Why don't you add this possibility?
  12. Mate u dont have to explain anything to me. Im just explaining how the system does work. It's not my fault if its like that. Why don't you explain your idea to devs? Even tho i think they have already red your post.
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