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  1. I totally disagree. I can assure you that Dks are better tanks than paladin. Even if a paladin uses that sun seal or whatever he uses do retarget one mob with his banner instead of a whole group, you need to consider that a mob has 2k hps only. 600 dmg to 1 mob only and less than 6 hits compared to a multi - targetting aka AoE skill that inflicts 400 dmg to 5 mobs / bosses heals u more. Plus, omercix's build is a dg set up, and in pvp, me and him were damning EVEN! my skill build set up is for pvp, my amps are better than omercix's one and even thoough he had no resiliance, he killed me many times. His life steal is simply awesome. In my opinion, a paladin is weaker than a dk in pvp as well becouse 1st, dks stuns are very hard to deal against. 2nd, paladins tele is not meant to run away or kite, couse.... well... is a damn tank! 3rd, Paladin has stuns as well but ppl "waste" ( but ain't a waste tbf ) their skill points for banner. 4th, tons of paladins make the mistake to not put a damn magic attack in their equip, which makes them weaker. Some dks make this shit too. They are magic dmg users guys, deal with it. Only opinions btw ^^ peace&love
  2. Again this story xD. "Hassn ruins war with scrolls and blah blah". I've got 2 solutions for you: 1- How about joining the "Cheaters" mcs and do what all ppl do ( which means attacking also, sometimes, not just defending and waiting till Hassn gets the flag ) 2- How about starting spending your gold / Mcoins in Life scrolls as well as Dormicum? Becouse, hey, not only Hassn uses scrolls. Also its easier for Dormicum, couse he uses an AoE skill, and doesnt waste time in targetting the flag like Hassn does. Hopefully to be helpful for you, See you
  3. Aight, I'll try if my dk will ever be a pve tank And ye ofc. Upload it bro. Can't wait to watch it
  4. Yes but how much does the stun last? At 2/4 Sharp Shadows stuns for 4 seconds. At 3/4 it stuns for 3.5 seconds. Looks like a little ammount, but for a 2h dk wielder is a big difference if you fight with a spear.
  5. R0land all fine here. The prize has been just received
  6. More than 12 hours have passed ^^. And At the moment I'm just fine with an answer from devs.
  7. Guys this is not the right post to talk about that. There's the Support section for such reports
  8. Hi R0land. Im one of the winners of the contest, but yet i didnt receive any in game email with the prize. Should I keep to be optimist? XD
  9. He didn't mean any of what you said. He simply said that, according to him, A repair scroll ( for example ) on 60% discount would have been more appreciated than a craft license.
  10. Well maybe not very popular, but items like the Seeker were a good deal. Don't see the bad side only
  11. 1-I invite you to join mcs and see how many people attack and defend. If elves are in snow boundaries, you can't say that "only few elves are effectively pro and ops" and the majority of elves are low lvs and noobs. I respect your impressions, but not all facts you're sTelling are true. Peace&Love 2- I find this topic pretty useless, and just an excuse for elves to cry about losing many wars. You find this unfair? Join mcs or start spending tons of life scrolls like Hassn. And about life scrolls, Dormicum doesn't joke either with them ^^ 3- If you really want to talk about a topic where Hassn ruins war, you should talk about even how he ruins arenas by afks and other things like that, but that's another topic. Greetings
  12. Mate no ones forces you to create an account, as this contest is not a must for any player, but it's a chance to all players to win something. They didn't consider "all those problems" for sure ( i think xD ).
  13. What quest did u finish to unlock raven? Ive basically done all yellow quests except the dg one. :/
  14. So raven quest was bugged. That's why i didn't see it in daily quests xD
  15. Excuse me again, any of u all has found Raven daily quest? Where do i find it? Ive basically checked all Snow Bounds but no signs of that -.-"
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