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  1. Or how wrong does your brain work, You mean. But hey, no one is perfect, and I don't need to argue anymore, couse I've reached my aim. My classes, btw, are just Shaman, Rogue and Dk. Got no Barbs, I've based " your great win" ( omg hahaha ) on videos of people who used a barb.
  2. Hahah mate you made my day I have really no problems about PvE set up of a deathknight. I can solo Lab and many dgs, I can rape elves and don't need any change of my class. I don't know really what are you talking about. You are the one whos finding tons of problems in Dks PvE wise, so i advised you to change class if you don't like how dks PvE works. Jeeeez mate don't fall so down Even if it was funny, don't put words i've not said in my mouth please, and next time you are going to prove something, don't quote just a little part of what people say.
  3. How are you proving you're right, exactly? I'm sorry, but im not as smart as you, I just see theories so far. No videos, No photos...
  4. Once again you prove to be a really intelligent guy If you know the requirements to be a mod, why are you still here? Smart guys are always well accepted i think You don't like the PvE stat of a dk? Well, why don't you build a barbarian or, why not, once they have been brought here, a rogue! Make it, amp a little and then ask in world chat if anyone wants to get a rogue as a tank Your problem has been sorted maili, enjoy . About omercix's pvp, if you dont have a Life steal set up ( made with gears, at least ), forget to even think about a win vs him ( said by the one who pvped him ). In pvp, i think you have the same set up of mine in expert skills, which means 3/4 - 4/4 Blow of the silence, but with someone who heals himself 100 every damn attack its not easy. God...
  5. I don't really understand why are you putting a lightweight class as rogues in a tanks discussions. They are supposed to be damagers ERGO they have higher damage than a tank. ( of course ). And if there's someone who defend their opinions with completely deviated reasons, it's you, buddy. You are just supposing. Theories, theories, theories. Making theories over classes you have evidently not even tried, and Still calling us idiots when all people here are telling that your facts aren't reliable. P.S. if Livi and Pow are mods, i think they know pretty well how does a Debat work.
  6. Great job hahah. One little question. With "Next week", do you mean this week (1st if February ) or the incoming one ( starting from the 8th of February ) ?
  7. Yesterday was my lucky day xD. Dropped an aquilion lv 25 ring. I can say that i've not got a lot of valuable things, but i'm really satisfied of this event. Thank you devs, can't wait for the next update
  8. 1 little point. at 5/5 dark shield works the 70% of times ^^
  9. I like the dg 26 and all these dgs' system. It's easy for who can't get a very good damage. And a good opportunity for all lvs with the bosses for every lv. That was one of the most loved Events i've had. Great job . I really think i'll miss snow Bounds
  10. Nice seeing that tons of mcs player are getting a drop in dungeons. World chat contains almost more info about people dropping than people who are trying to sell their items. Really nice. Let's see if Lady Luck smiles to me too
  11. And as I've said in one of my latest posts, learn your class more, mate.
  12. Nah bro, our dark shield reduces 80 dmg only, its a shit. Life steal is a shit in comparison to all other tanks. We are a noob weak ass class. We must deal with it.
  13. Yup, i'm stupid, but it seems you can't read properly. When did i talk about dks in a comparison between rogues and bds? Told you to pick up the intelligence fallen, too bad...
  14. Well... after even a strong paladin as the winner of the arena season lv.24 3x3 tried ponti and failed, there's nothing more to say.
  15. Hey some intelligence is running away, go pick it up before it's too late. Talking with you is like talking to a wall, where even in front of facts you find a way to say the exact opposite. You can't argue in a topic if your mind is closed to your ideas only, without listening even what people say and calling them idiot if they find that you are totally wrong ( as gladiator confirmed in one of his latest posts ). After this... Comparing a bd with a rogue. Good game, where bds are buffed - as - hell tanks and rogues can rely only to reflexes ( which can be good, 3 times only but a faster charge of the skill if you have upgraded it. ), without taking in consideration that both classes can reach the same def with different amps ( +10 for rogues if you want 5k def, and... meh.. +8 for bds is more than enough if it has a Def set ). Life steal. Good, both can have it on a max of 22-25%* max ( if you use night prince weapons or other weapons with life steal* ), but the difference is that A rogue suffers more in a group of mobs, couse their hits would make reflexes to be wasted. Bladedancer, instead, with his normal attacks ( that can be considered as a main damage skill thanks to their passive skill ) and counterattack ( which gives life steal as well ) this problem of the group of mobs doesn't even touch their mind. Besides, bds are better damager than rogues as well, due to their passive skills ( 4% more dmg... and don't say its a few ammount, when people consider a 6% ice queen ring op ). It's like saying: " heeeeey guys whos stronger, a warlock or a dk? ( which, in my modest opinion, if a dk SUCCESS on pulling and muting the warlock, you might have good chances of winning.... and I said MIGHT. )
  16. You are considering rogues better TANKS than a tank itself. I'm done. You showed (without playing it) how could a paladin handle with it, having sun seal in a high level as well as Banner and Sacred shield ( i don't remember if that's the name of the palas skill, so don't quote me ) In kronus dg btw, mobs near the boss are melee users. And even if some of them are ranged before going to the boss, a deathknight can handle a group of 4 mobs while hes lifestealing one of them, i can assure you. You can have a good Critical hit having an Heavy set on also. In a dg, 24% of critical isnt bad at all. And again, Omercix tanked Eye boss as well, and there, mobs use magic dmg and are ranged also, go take a look. I don't really know why you find your class a shitty tank. But considering him weaker than a rogue in tanking.... well...
  17. I did not say that I don't want Dks to be upgraded, I just said that I don't see a Dk worse than a Paladin in tanking. That's all i've meant so far, nothing more.
  18. Ok if you put this on this way fine I guess also you have proved your points with a +8/10 amped dk, so useless to write that, right? But I still don't get why there aren't Paladins who post great results of their winnings in youtube or in forum itself. I know, you might say, "why the hell would they? Just to prove you one point?" Hell no. No no no. You are perfectly right . But if you find a video, i'll gladly like to see it. *salutes* Was that Polite and Respectful enough?
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