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  1. The relic only increases the skill's duration time and not its effectiveness.
  2. Higgings

    So.. t5?

    Interesting question, but @Reivenorikmight be more accurate than me with the answer, I fear.
  3. Hello there! These characters are bots put by unknown players who attempt to post the link of their own site, hoping that someone asks for a huge ammount of gold, pays the respective price and being then scammed. If you find more of these bots, report them using the following topic: I bid you a nice day and I thank you for your help!
  4. We can sort it out anyway! I'm moving the topic on the brazilian section for you 😉
  5. Fair enough. Since there are no more reasons for this to carry on, now, make sure you'll respect the theme of the topic: There won't be any other warnings from now on. 🙂
  6. Nop, I am trying to make you two stop with this conversation for several reasons: 1. You are going off topic 2. This is not the right topic for this kind of things 3. The forum is not the place to post these kind of things at all. You have been warned formally twice by me and Akasha as well. If you want to keep commenting here, I invite you to write posts related to the topic's title. If you want instead to blame and play the Martial Court game, please, do it outside the forum. My aim isn't to blame anybody, but just to stop the flame: I have warned you as well as the other ones as you could see. One of those who are very patient, as you might see. Now to you all, again, keep the conversation in this topic in line with the title. Thank you all for the understanding!
  7. @legolad I understand the problem, but I have to ask you to stop necroposting, especially if you have already received an answer about it.
  8. Possibility*. Nothing is confirmed until a topic verifies it.
  9. Please, contact the support team and send them your screenshots: they are the ones to be in charge when it comes to deal with players who break rules. I bid you a nice day!
  10. Hello there! Please, might you be more specific? Was it a Forum or an In Game profile?
  11. Keep the subject of the topic in line with the Title please. @David Calibwoy the same goes to you. If you want to report something, the support team is the way, not the forum.
  12. Hope so. It is bad seeing a class not using his most significant skills 😕
  13. Well, as first, you may try not to post secret links which lead to foreign sites. Secondly, you may read our forum community rules: those ones will prevent you from being banned
  14. More than that, I'd rather have a less HP-decrease price for the Saturation skill. The way it buffs is good enough for me, but 10% of hps is simply too high for a tank which usually reaches like 7k hps (-700hps) and lasts few secs. I'd increase the time of that buff and decrease the price on HPs. It is the only improvement I'd do for a dk.
  15. If you log someone else's account your IP will be automatically linked with the new account. If that account refunds money, he will be automatically blocked (Due to the EULA which doesn't allow to refund purchased coins). In order to unlock your account, the one who has asked for refund must pay back the entire ammount. Only then your account will be available again P.S. this is another reason of why you should not take miracle coins as payment as well as logging someone else's account. I am very sorry, but there is little to be done here 😕
  16. More than "we" it's the owner of the topic that shall have a response, and that must not necessarily be public
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