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  1. here is one with no background hope u like it
  2. Gm not want me use their in game backgrounds
  3. hey Roland added new boss 100% my own pls ade
  4. Cave in ayvondil and forsaken map 1 chapel
  5. I used Photoshop to edit my boss to game area is that a problem?
  6. I made some new bosses tell me the what one u think is best
  7. tnx bro maybe I will edit colure and weapon's I guess pink not look so evil lol
  8. hmmm... yes normal attacks are physical and skills are magic I will go update my boss skills and attacks tnx bro
  9. would be nice if boss dropped amped weap on's
  10. maybe something like this I hope it will help u with ur boss good luck
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