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  1. 15-18lvl doing random arena 5x5 :clapping: what will be new bos?
  2. is ok when we fight 1x1 but when they attack 1x??? than it becomes anoying and we cant do just normal pvp :cray:
  3. first i would like to congratulate winers :drinks: Now my question to snorlax: if we do comics or other nice stuff about warspear could we hope to get reward :blush: ?
  4. First i created this topic there because i dont know does others servers have same problem as emerald. So if you enter pvp cave in emerald server there always will be some distrubers. In pass we were able to kill them but now days trying kill them mostly become war or each other gang banging. So if you have any idea how to slove this problem share your ideas with us. I sorry to all players if did something wrong in pvp cave before with hope that we will be able do normal pvp there once agen. :drinks:
  5. i think it is unfixable xd
  6. sorry for poor info. Emerald server, all classes :spiteful: who cant in pvp cave those would fight in arena :drinks:
  7. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=73893.0 Cats :diablo:
  8. If we would creat 11-14lvl tournament anybody would like to join it? :) If there would be many members in tournament we could also add small prise for winers :drinks:
  9. this competition isnt about xmas stories? :unknw:
  10. What about whisper aromor helm + divine gloves boots *-*
  11. Im 13lvl dark knight and use full leather set but my hp same as 13lvl tnaks with heavy sets :)
  12. Always draw and players get only 5 poor arena points :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Bloodylips why i never seen you in pvp cave :unknw: You should come here more often to show others how smart you are :good:
  14. Legijonas is strong only because of him skills of spending money on warspear :lol: , not coz of his playing skills.
  15. I think Demoniuks is :blush: Btw thanks Bloody for helping to make my litle dark knight so strong :give_rose:
  16. only first places will get awards or as example in 2x2 category 2 best players will get or in 5x5 5 first places?
  17. Please fix this game, turn warspear to legacy of Berengar version and add just Astral labyrinth and crossroads of destiny updates. Thank You :)
  18. first of all i would like to say that is very nice and intresting story about warspear creating . second thing is that that would be great that we would hear same story in english forum.
  19. for many players hardest part of event was insufficient reward, nobody need those amulets or rings from quests (only weapons were nice). second thing is holiday bags with rabdom rewards, its really not fun for players who dont spend alot mony on warspear and when buy holiday bags and get few pieces of amber...
  20. rytuks

    p2p server

    intresting it is possible to creat legal private server and how much it would coast?
  21. now is about 21h-22h in Russia. Normaly people go drink Vodka in.that rime or already are drunk and dreaming about.vodka
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