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  1. Since we are planing how to get free miracle coins (http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=80644.0) it would be great if moderators would share theyre working place photos :blush: It would be nice to know where work creators of such a good game like Warspear :friends:
  2. Try to delete all folders conected with warspear and than download agen, try it few times if doesnt works in first try. I use nokia to and have problems like that after most of updates.
  3. Some guys could show more respect to moderators. Aigrind team created contests to get free miracel coins and have fun but you with your anoying posts make them sad and disapointed. Instead of crying hours in forum after you didnt won competition you could spend litle bit more time on your posters before it ends, didnt though about it?
  4. Tanking elves at shadows ;D
  5. what device you are using that your screen is so big *-* ?
  6. Good for tanking i think, btw why you created new forum acc slay xd?
  7. From kisses i got green troll costume :shok: It is possible in game xD?
  8. Thank you :give_rose: atleast one person intrested :yahoo:
  9. Me turn on TV and :shok: :shok: :shok:
  10. :give_rose: while mc blocking hydra
  11. Special thanks to my friends who let me take s.s. of them: Tilltheend, Agusia, Blackness and Mercuriall :give_rose: Please comment :drinks:
  12. Lets back to topic. How much will coast to creat guild, invite players to it etc.?
  13. I dont see better way just to pray for satan to make warspear better game :diablo: for our souls :rofl:
  14. Got scamed by friend which later deleted my acc, then my phone broken and i werent able to play warspear and now Valentines day gift from Aigring to me :facepalm: I think God doesnt want that i would play Warspear :cray:
  15. Sorry if i distrub your chat with youself, but if you flip photo horizontally and add some colors to your drawing it would pretty good. This one is one of the best for me in this copetiotion :give_rose:
  16. We can creat two topics one of them in Russian and one in English forum or just in one of them?
  17. Having pro partner is always useful :drinks:
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