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  1. Id like to ask GM will we have Domenologist bos after coming update? Would be sad if it dissapear because many players killed it a lot of times but havent got anything yet.
  2. So evrybody need to take more care about them accounts thats simple and many players really wanted this option so it would be fair that they would get it. Btw update isnt realised so we cant say it is bad idea.
  3. If all daily quests give guild points and all members do them so you will earn enough guild points to lvl up one day
  4. So if my name was "Rytuks" and I changed it to "Newrytuks" then other players will be able change them names to "Rytuks" ?
  5. About name changing, if you change name the one which u had before will dissapear and new players will be able to use it?
  6. congratulations Aigrind, wish this game will celebrate 10nd, 15th and much more anniversaries. I was wondering if you would bring back AA bosses like Horror for few weeks.
  7. Add Claysc ofcourse and maybe Lpx with bagr also.
  8. hoping next updates will help rise up players who have best playing skills, but not those who spend most money like now
  9. sell [Killing Whisper Brigandine] emerald server, elf side. Pm there or ingame
  10. Sell [Reindeer] and buy [snowman] emerald server elf side. For [snowman] can pay with mountain clans gold or items too.
  11. Well, you just were lucky that spoted him in invisible mode :blush:
  12. how sad it is to watch when players are hoping for update and get just common technical maitenance :facepalm: :facepalm:
  13. My "Wild Girl Set" on mc side trade for your "Wild Girl Set" on elf side (Emerald server). Pm me there or in game :give_rose: Also buy Novice mage outfit on elves side.
  14. Better idea would be to add "name changing" function on game like a barber set etc. Then they could warn players about removing ONLY names of low leves acc which wasnt used for a long time and only after month remove them. If player log in to acc which has removed name then before playing he would need just create new name and thats all ;)
  15. Buy [+9Acute gladius] on emerald server, mc side, please pm on forum :give_rose:
  16. Advice: write messages as much as you need and later just corect them, then noboody will disturb you ;)
  17. rytuks

    Urgent for Devs

    Just 261 km. away from your office :friends: May ill visit it in comming years :drinks: Btw, are you all from Kaliningrad or some came from main Russia?
  18. rytuks

    Urgent for Devs

    http://maps.google.lt/maps?hl=lt&ll=54.616617,23.862305&spn=3.174577,7.020264&t=m&z=7 Im from Kaunas, and in what city you work :search:
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