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  1. So, you know you play WS way too much when you start dreaming about it.

    I have the craziest dreams and I usually remember a lot of detail but, I saw a post from Frosty and  it was about the minions. Last night, I only slightly recall that I was opening surprise chests in WS and I got a minion. I felt confused because I thought we were supposed to get them with an update and not in a chest. So, I went to my bag to "use" it and it was a cat head with a wonky eye and spider legs..but no real body :rofl: LOL I kept thinking it was ugly as hell but I didn't have a choice but to use it...SO yeah....that was what I was dreaming about last night..

    How about you guys? Have you ever dreamed of WS?


    I dreamed how i received demonologists suit with Demoniuks  :rofl:  Maybe becasue i killed it 5 times that day  :pardon:

    What if someone activates that by mistake and locks himself out of quests? Daily quests are available since level 12, what before then?


    well then option available only after you can get daily quests

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