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  1. Yes this. And where are the results from Friday?
  2. War only had one flag each side from what I could tell. Was a draw 0-0.
  3. I think you are looking at the number you see when you sign up 6,xxx,xxx. That would most likely be the number of accounts ever created. Not the number of players. There was an old info graph some time ago - someone post that please.
  4. US Sapphire, lag seemed a little better this time for most I got booted once with a sent error report. My targeting seemed to work better but the damage was very slow to respond. Having only one flag was, it was hard to tell if a bug or on purpose when I logged on - more info before war next time please. One other problem we have is that there are so many sellers/spammers on world chat many people have it turned off. Maybe we could have a war chat during the event? I know different issue, but is there a way to get selling off of world chat and on trade chat only?
  5. This is from a US Sapphire MC player. I am not going to even try playing this "war" and play less for the 24 hr period the Sentinals have a bonus. Just not worth it I'll just go elf for those days I guess. There seemed to be way more Elf than MC as always. I would like to see the "numbers" after each event. Would be very curious to know the per cap spending of each faction - just a ratio I know you will not give $ amounts. The lag was very bad in the States - once I stopped getting disconnected. I was not able to attack anything close to like normal. The time of the event for me (8 AM Chicago) a USA player is not a very good time, only a couple of my regular buddies where on. I think it would be better to give event times in GMT as your us of CET is making people have a harder time understanding. I understand US server does not mean for US people only but, This is usually used to determine what the primary language and time of events are. In the old days it was the physical location of the server so you pick the closest one for fast ping times. For Warspear I guess this is not true, so be it. I also understand many people want and like the way things are, but you do need an enemy to fight. With out MC what do you have? You are not helping us get more numbers like this. Maybe next war patch could be to split the factions in half put them on a new map. Have MC and Firstborn vs Chosen and Forsaken. That I would like to see. Anywho, have fun out there.
  6. US server 14:00 CET = 07:00 Chicago time. Really 7 AM Wed. morning. So not only will elf kick butt. It will be mostly non-US players. Not real cool or thought out. My last post allowed today so sorry I can't respond till tomorrow.
  7. I really don't see the leader passing as a big deal. I think the people who are against it are most likely farming multiple guilds or holding them to sell. It's not like you are losing your toons.
  8. Ah the old pictures from a spy I think, really hard to understand what you mean. We all know this war thing will be an elf party and that's all.
  9. US server not taking any more elf. That must mean something. Dollars to doughnuts - first war elf will take all three town in less than 72 minutes.
  10. I don't think we will ever get a true answer of how much power each side has (not just how many active). Elf are over powered compared to MC. There is a very big problem with MC keeping up, this update will only make less people join MC after they see how bad MC does. I think there should be a dynamic bonus to to the side that has less players on at the moment, taking into account player lvls maybe - nah never happen.
  11. Passing leadership If a guild leader is absent for 10 days, the leadership automatically goes to the next player by rank who was online during this period at least once. What happens if no player has been on in ten days?
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