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  1. Anyone else having problems playing?



    I have many problems. But I am trying to just go with what the game has to offer.

    Sometimes the lag seems to be on the game side, other times it's on my end.


    I'm never going to be "pro" but I do have fun with the people get to play with.

    Maybe we'll party in game and just have some fun, forget about the problems.

  2. Got any problems with connection?

    Contact your ISP, network configuration is always changing, they can always close some ports which are used to connect to our game.

    Our servers are up and steady, there's nothing from our side.



    Yes I had the same problems with connection last night.

    It was not any ones ISP or net config or closed ports.

    And I still have a problem with how you run your servers,

    I play on the US "realm" and it seams that I am at a constant disadvantage because

    "realm" does not equal "server" 

    could you tell me where the US server is located?

    I have the feeling it is not in the USA.

    That makes all players from the US suffer from longer pings.

    It has nothing to do with my ports, I think you have used all the ports I have.


    Thanks for any feedback.


    PS Put a server in Chicago and see how the game changes,

    Think Diablo's Blizzard servers from the late 90's.

  3. Devs since you insist bd being a dps class change their armors to light only. I dont appreciate 900 dmg 10k def 20% resi bds running around with 10+ pene.


    Yes, When the BD's got heavy armor they became tanks. So the real tanks should get new armor idk. And why can't a barb hold two weapons? Double long swords would work.


    So a BD that wears heavy armor and has two axes is stronger and faster and has more damage than a tank. I think they should have a speed penalty for wearing heavy gear.

  4. Hi Graav, I been off for months myself and just can't find the will to get back to the grind. I agree that some changes are badly needed in the game in order to get the MC side going again. I feel bad about letting my fellow players and friends down by not playing, but it has just really sucked trying to quest with so many elf out there. I'm going to give the game a try now and then just to help keep the guild alive in memory of "Bloodsick" Good luck in whatever you play.

  5. Been busy in real life and not active for a month and a half. Came back to fight the war on the US server elf had t5 before the war even started. now i know why i feel like giving up at times - this war thing does not work on the US server for the MC clan. come on elf and tell me about your tactics again.

  6. Elf better than mc lol, much better. MC DESERVE to loose wars, ive seen them stand around town n chat. They ♥♥♥♥♥ and thyley ♥♥♥♥♥ about how "op" elf are and quit to elf like dumbasses. TBH most elf are weak noobs, only few can be called "pro", same goes for mc. Elf islands alot easier than mc, forsaken is complete hell and a major pain. I play only mc and I agree, mc are lazy crybabies and elf are arrogant swarms of red.

    I'm pretty sure you did not just give up your elf snowman. Just be honest and say that you play both sides, prolly more on elf also.

  7. The war is now a regular rape hour XD

    Most of the mc prefer hide, avoid playing ws during war, or go on other Islande


    Maybe the situation is fine on russian server, but devs should reconsider the war :)

    Yes they should do something. I have not played for the last 5 or so wars on US server - what's the point of the war anymore. It has also kind made the whole MC side less fun to play, just getting very tired of it all I guess.

  8. giving one faction better skills to compensate for population disparity is not the solution.

    what you gonna do on scenarios where numbers are equal (like arena), nerf the skills back?  :nea:


    I think there is disparity because of the skills. And if the numbers don't stop getting worse the elf won't have anyone to fight arena or otherwise.


    So something must be done or the US server is doomed to be a ghost town on the MC side. I for one am not even going to log on for war this Friday.

  9. US server,


    elf 3 - mc 0 in 5 minutes. I hate to say it but I'm done even trying to play war for now. I have done every war since they started, but this is just stupid.


    And how is this ever going to change? MC is going to end up being nothing but arena and PVP players just standing around even more than they do now.


    Edit - The war update was the killing blow to the MC side (IMHO), I have seen our numbers drop every week since. I don't think the dev's can fix this without 

    some major changes to the strength of one side or the other. They gave the elves more power and hence more people went elf. I know all the elf will talk about how strong MC are, but come on let be real about this - And no I don't care to debate it here, We can talk about the skill powers in a different forum thread.

  10. Make a mixture battle of mc and elfs

    Team with same numbers?

    "Maybe next  war patch could be to split the factions in half put them on a new map. Have MC and Firstborn vs Chosen and Forsaken. That I would like to see."


    That was a line from a post I made 2 moths ago, so I agree with you on this one.

  11. MAN I CALL BS, it's not that there were was uneven amounts of players, elves left maybe 20 to protect flag while most attacked, the numbers you ignorantly idealize aren't real. Strategy affected this war the most.

    And you sir are? Really each one of your elf waves had more players than were in MC t5 at any one time. I don't think there was ever more than 50 MC in town at one time (10% were spy) and it's not because the other 300 were attacking you, why because there just wasn't that many MC on. So next time take notes, cause you seem to have missed what happened.


    Really the world population is very unbalanced, even more so during war. If you really do not think so ask around before you call BS.

  12. Oh please.. We elves won the first war 3 : 0, all others after were 0 : 0. Now you cry about another lost war and an "unbalanced" game after i don't know how many draws. Why do you think is almost every war a draw?? Yea, probably 'cause the game is "unbalanced" -.-

    True elf won first war (remember too that that war was between 7 and 10 AM usa time on a Wed morning), but then MC did get a 1-0 win, the rest were draws. Last war WAS unbalanced because of the amount of MC vs elf players plain and simple. It was the lowest turn out I have seen yet. The MC are giving up and I don't blame them. We will all come to elf side like rownstive said then no one will complain right.

  13. Full screen doesn't work on all computers.

    I know Ubuntu and PuppyLinux do full screen. It is really nice. I have connectivity problems so I don't use. And dual boot from Win 8.x is a pain in the butt. If you have a pretty good PC you can use a virtual machine with no lag it is nice! I play on a netbook so I don't have the power to do this.

  14. Cuz we had a good plan, caravans was captured in literally no time after we got legion camp. It just took another wave to wreck scouts completely. So perfect that we continued on to cliff and stayed there for over half an hour. After all these 0-0's we just needed to change tactics, we had a good leader (Vetanarii) gg.

    A plan maybe, but it really was about the numbers. I have played every war so far and this one had the lowest numbers of MC that I have seen. It was just sad, I told a friend hours before the war what was going to happen - you could just tell. Also almost all of the two side players I know are playing elf during war now. So congrats to the elf side enjoy your buff.

  15. Us Sapphire - The Legion banner moved. No really twice it just moved a couple spots south, no idea how or why.


    Game play went better for me didn't get booted so that's good. We will just see how each side plays in the next wars. One of these times one side is going to break-out and gain some ground. I still wish all of the sellers / traders / scammers would be blocked from world chat.


    See you next war - good luck everyone. 

  16. I ignore all people that trade/buy/sell on world chat. The thing is that world chat can be very useful at times (like war people!) but most people just turn it off because of all the spam. You all have trade chat but that's not good enough huh. It works for me. 


    As far as trading from any chat I do not do it, not worth the risk in my opinion. Most of the time it is a scam. 

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