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  1. shoeb

    Ovi Nokia update

    essencia after 2 months i am gttin a sensible ans thnq ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  2. shoeb

    Ovi Nokia update

    will it take a week :search: :search: :search: pls tell me hw can i get pass certificte error ried changing dates i play on nokia e63 symbian
  3. i am nt able to download and install v1.0.0 on my nokia e63 due a certifiacte error i have tried changing all sorts of date but it repies certificate expired .hlp me cant get my own certificate signed by a signer bcoz i cant do it ..when will be the ovi version online ...mioco hlp
  4. pls i am not able to install v1.0:0 on my nokiae 63 due to dis lame error hlp me Also if u r telling about that make your own certifiate using google as signer Hlp me bcoz i like the game very much
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