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  1. Pro rangers on sapphire do that

    yes ofc he can see where trap is because it is on him, click the trap on the rogue when he is atking you, it will trap him...

    if you put trap in front of rogue after scatter before he reaches you, and he sees it, he must go left or right, moving another direction gives you extra hits, you can atk n move bakc while he tries to go around the trap, how is that not good? with blessing on those atks will hit like hell.


  2. An Observation :- for some reason I saw the word 'kid' 1 or more time in each and every post of  this guy :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: .

    I like to see the kids flame and hate :D they are so cute :D WoG (Warriors of Gay) nice low clan :D only gamerjunkies. See you cowards and victims. I go look tv and laugh about you no life cry kids ;) Have fun


    Greetz the bad bad Pueppi the only one. V zum A scheiß stricher mcs.


  3. Agree, and it doesnt stun if the opponent is active, eg. hitting, or using skill, sometimes even when enemy running. Situation eg:- If a barb charges and ranger scatters, the barb will just reach the ranger and get scattered back, which means charge waste.
  4. Rangers were already hard for barbs, now more harder

    BDs were equal, now BDs got more power and barbs lost some power

    Shamans got more heal, and we lost the extra damage which somewhat decresed their heals

    Druids, we use to be able to kill, but now,,huh

    Rogues, would be still able kill rogues, (cuz barb skills are anti rogues), and rogues also got weaker.

  5. Опубликованное фото

    yea bladelady.. use two char and spams pots then calls us noob, in 1.9 he did same before we got stealth..


    I really hate these kind of ppl who pm u, after u smoke them. and his chat shows he/she is a looser baby.
  6. Do u even know what multi use means??? and what does it hav to do with 1 v 1 fight??? :wacko:

    wrong. Barb beats Ranger, if u cant then u noob barb. Barb use Run, then u cant attack and u die. Barb got 2x more HP than ranger. Barbs can multi use Blood drop. Firstborn ones cant use any multi skill. So, if u think i cry then first watch what u write.


  7. BDs range their hamstring 2 blocks many times  :facepalm: , I am pretty sure all have noticed that. Rogues range gauge too at times.



    Sorry for so much off topic talks :pleasantry: . oh and ya, GAME TEAM u r awesome :drinks: :clapping: , u surprised us again by early update :yahoo: .

    And has 2 block range and require range and chance of stun and stun is of very low duration... chop was already nt much useful and nw weakened! lets make bd!


  8. Somewhat true :facepalm: :facepalm: . 3g is new and expensive here and with gprs sometimes there is a lagg of 3 secs


    If you are refering to indians only, its problaby because the internet there isnt good enough?


  9. According to me all classes are balanced, but need people`s opinion. Poll is for 1 v 1 but in post u can write other opinions too.

    Pls poll correctly keeping a 1 v 1 end to end fight.

    My poll is for rangers cuz I think they are slightly overpowered and can beat any class 1 v 1, pls express your thoughts.


    Note :_ No fights and over cribbing and going off topics, decent suggestions excpected  :) .


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